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Policy Working Groups

As highlighted in DGO 1.08, SFPD values partnering and engaging with community members and organizations to collaboratively identify and problem-solve local challenges and increase safety for residents, merchants, visitors, and officers. Department policy impacts the communities SFPD serves which elevates the importance for communities to impact Department policy development.

What is a Policy Working Group? For the SFPD, working groups convene as part of the Department General Order ("DGO") review process and are directed by the Chief of Police. The goal of working groups, held in accordance with the DGO review process, is to gain a balanced perspective from individuals acting as representatives of their organizations or communities, members from the Department, the Department of Police Accountability, and the Police Commission.

SFPD is currently updating several DGO’s that would benefit from the public’s participation, collaboration, and feedback.  If you are interested in participating in a Policy Working Group, please submit your information here:


Current Working Groups

Upcoming Working Groups

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    Working Group DGO 2.09 Personal Use of Social Media 

    Working Group DGO 6.13 Prejudice-Based Incident