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Neighborhood Safety Team

Our Mission

The Neighborhood Safety Team is a unit within the San Francisco Police Department Community Engagement Division focusing on crime prevention and safety awareness within our communities. With the help of residents, businesses, community groups, and other city agencies, we are striving to create safe and vibrant neighborhoods to live and work in San Francisco.

The Neighborhood Safety Teams services will provide people with the tools, skills, and knowledge to help prevent crime and violence in our neighborhoods. With the help of the Neighborhood Safety Team, residents will become advocates for safety and wellness in their communities. Services the Neighborhood Safety Team provides will be free to the San Francisco Community. The Neighborhood Safety Team looks forward to working with community members to create a Safer San Francisco.



Community Policing Activities & Events

For Your Safety

Personal Safety for Adults

Neighborhood Public Safety Team's public safety coordinators provide Personal Safety Presentations for adults and the elderly. Our team combines proven techniques with everyday common sense to increase the safety of adults at home, on the streets, while riding public transportation, at the ATM, and relating to vehicles. As part of the Neighborhood Safety Team's offerings, we provide information for victims of crime, including sexual assault and domestic violence victims, as well as tips for people with disabilities. Our multilingual and multicultural team can tailor safety presentations to any group. 

Sample presentation topics include: 

  • “Stay Alert, Have a Plan, Trust Your Instincts” 
  • “Tools in Crime Prevention: Time, Light, Noise and Human Activity” 
  • “Be a Good Witness: Know Whom to Call, Follow Up, Know Your Resources.” 

 Click to download The Neighborhood Safety Team's Personal Safety Brochure for an overview of city safety tips:

The Neighborhood Safety Team can also visit your workplace and give safety presentations to your staff. 
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Home Security

During a Residential Security Survey, one of the Neighborhood Safety Team’s security specialists walks through your home, apartment, or condo to discuss ways you can make it safer and more secure. The specialist provides a free written report of the recommendations for improvement; recommendations are typically low-cost unless you have more complex needs. 

The Neighborhood Safety Team's approach to helping people secure their properties starts with the basics—a well-trained staff. Our team of security specialists is trained in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), a comprehensive approach to overall security. The Neighborhood Safety Teams typically conduct CPTED Surveys free of charge for both homes and businesses. Equipped with their CPTED know-how, our team member examines the property’s lighting, landscaping, and access control and then provides a report with recommendations for improvement. 

Security Assessments for multi-unit buildings, apartment complexes, and condominiums are charged a fee due to the increased size and scope of the property. We also provide group Residential Security Presentations and discuss general safety best practices

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Business Security

Business Security Assessments

The Neighborhood Safety Team provides comprehensive onsite assessments of businesses and large residential buildings and complexes to offer recommendations on how to improve the existing safety and security of the property. This service helps businesses and building owners recognize and cost-effectively correct security vulnerabilities on their property. Our recommendations are based on a standard of security that is generally higher than the security requirements contained in building codes. Generally, The Neighborhood Safety Team will examine lighting, doors, locks, alarms, cameras, windows, garage spaces, access control, etc. For businesses, the Neighborhood Safety Team also includes inventory protection and operations security. A comprehensive written report is provided after the assessment. 

Business Security Presentations and Training

The Neighborhood Safety Team can provide a variety of customized training and workshops for businesses and employees. We offer extensive knowledge of best practices and can advise on techniques and awareness that can improve the overall safety of a business. Examples of our training and workshop topics include: 

  • Robbery Prevention Training
  • Shoplifting Prevention Training
  • Credit Card and Check Fraud Training
  • Employee/Internal Theft Prevention Training
  • Personal Safety Training
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training
  • Active Shooter Training

Child Safety

One of the smartest things you can do as a parent is to make sure your child is safe in your car.
Each year throughout the United States, several hundred children under the age of 13 die in car crashes. Tens of thousands more suffer injuries including permanent brain damage and spinal cord harm. Traffic collisions are the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 5 and 14, yet many deaths and injuries could be prevented by making sure children are properly restrained with seat belts or child-safety seats.

Please refer to CHP Child Safety Seats Website for more information regarding child seat safety. The website includes instructional videos, Child Car Seat Inspection Station Locators, and other helpful resources.

The Neighborhood Safety Team kids workshops help kids ages 3-17 develop their emotional language and awareness so they can make good choices and respond appropriately to sensitive situations. By moving away from a strict “victim vs. bully” approach, the Neighborhood Safety Team offers children ways they can work together to avoid creating unsafe, disrespectful, and damaging interactions.

Topics for children include:

  • “Stranger Danger vs. Trusted Adults”
  • “How and When to Call 911”
  • “The Importance of Knowing Parents Names and Phone Numbers” 
  • “Pedestrian Safety and Street Crossing.”

Topics for adults include:

  • “Knowledge That Parents and Caregivers Need to Keep Kids Safe”
  • “When Children Should Have Cell Phones”
  • “Internet Safety”
  • “Safety Rules at Home When Parents Are Not Present”
Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Visit our Stay Safe page to learn more about the resources and tips we offer as a police department. Learn how to prevent Bike Theft and Park Smart! 

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