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The interactive map below includes all the San Francisco Police Department’s District Stations with boundaries. Click on a SFPD Station icon on the map for more information on each Station. To locate your SFPD Station using your address, see instructions below. If the crime is posing an immediate threat to you or others, call 9-1-1 immediately. If it is not an emergency, call the non-emergency line at 1-415-553-0123.

How to find your SFPD Station:

If you are unable to use the interactive map, please scroll to the "Station Details" section below the interactive map. There, you will find the addresses for each SFPD station, a link to their individual pages, and a Google Maps link to route to whichever address you choose.

Interactive Map instructions:

  • Enter an address in the "Enter Address Here" white text box and click the search icon or click on the map.
  • Click the + and - buttons to zoom in and out of the map.
  • Click the Home button to view the full map.
  • Click the My Location circle button to find your current location.

Please Note: The San Francisco Police Department does NOT handle crimes that occurred in property that is outside of the City and County of San Francisco's jurisdiction and those should be reported directly to the appropriate agency. The Presidio and other federal lands are not associated with an SFPD station. Federal Park Police can be reached at 1-415-561-5505.

Please visit Reporting Crimes Outside of City and County of San Francisco's Jurisdiction for a list of other agency jurisdictions.


Station Details

SFPD Bayview Station

201 Williams Avenue 
San Francisco, CA 94124 
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Phone 1-415-671-2300 
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-671-2346 
Email [email protected] 
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-822-8147 
Fax 1-415-671-2345 
Permit Officer 1-415-671-2313

SFPD Central Station

766 Vallejo Street 
San Francisco, CA 94133 
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Phone 1-415-315-2400 
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-576-1711 
Email [email protected] 
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-392-2623 
Fax 1-415-315-2450 
Permit Officer 1-415-315-2422

SFPD Taraval Station

2345 24th Ave. 
San Francisco, CA 94116 
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Phone 1-415-759-3100  
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-753-7154 
Email [email protected] 
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-242-9753 
Chinese Language Tip Line 1-415-315-2435 
Fax 1-415-753-7220 
Permit Officer 1-415-759-3123

SFPD Park Station

1899 Waller Street 
San Francisco, CA 94117 
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Phone 1-415-242-3000 
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-681-6487 
Email [email protected] 
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-643-6233 
Fax 1-415-242-3005

SFPD Ingleside Station

1 Sgt. John V. Young Lane 
San Francisco, CA 94112 
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Phone 1-415-404-4000 
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-404-4009 
Email [email protected] 
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-587-8984 
Fax 1-415-404-4008

SFPD Northern Station

1125 Fillmore Street 
San Francisco, CA 94115 
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Phone 1-415-614-3400 
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-614-3438 
Email [email protected] 
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-614-3451 
Fax 1-415-614-3434 
Permit Officer 1-415-614-3405

SFPD Mission Station

630 Valencia St. 
San Francisco, CA 94110 
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Phone 1-415-558-5400 
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-431-6241 
Email [email protected] 
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-552-4558 
Fax 1-415-558-5447 
Permit Officer 1-415-558-5413

SFPD Richmond Station

461 - 6th Ave 
San Francisco, CA 94118 
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Phone 1-415-666-8000 
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-666-8059 
Email [email protected] 
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-668-7387 
Fax 1-415-666-8060 
Permit Officer 1-415-666-8023

SFPD Tenderloin Station

301 Eddy Street 
San Francisco, CA 94102 
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Phone 1-415-345-7300 
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-474-5763 
Email [email protected] 
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-929-9446 
Fax 1-415-345-7370 
Permit Officer 1-415-345-7341

SFPD Southern Station

1251 3rd Street 
San Francisco, CA 94158 
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Phone 1-415-575-6000 
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-575-6079 
Email [email protected] 
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-552-4901 
Fax 1-415-575-6090 
Permit Officer 1-415-575-6000