Safe Place

Safe Place

In February 2013, the San Francisco Police Department launched its “Safe Zone” initiative, which designated SFPD district stations as safe places for LGBTQ community members in crisis or facing imminent danger. Our program was designed to reinforce our role as guardians to the public and ensure that all members of our LGBTQ community who seek assistance at our stations know that they will be treated with care, respect and dignity.

SFPD has since expanded our Safe Zone initiative to become a “Safe Place” program.  We are working with community organizations and business to designate Safe Places throughout the city for anyone that may be in an unsafe situation and in need of immediate police or emergency assistance. The program is modeled on a similar program by the Seattle Police Department which partnered law enforcement with the local business community and schools to place easily recognizable decals in their entrances. These decals notify victims of hate crimes that these locations have partnered with law enforcement and will call 9-1-1 on the victim’s behalf.

Under our mission to provide Safety with Respect to everyone in our city, our Safe Place program partners SFPD with community organizations, small businesses, corporate sponsors and affiliates that can serve as ambassadors to assist with the reduction of hate crimes, bullying, harassment and discrimination. By working together, we can encourage crime reporting and promote stronger collaboration between law enforcement, community members and merchants.

Help make our city safer for everyone. For a list of citywide Safe Places or to learn how your business or organization can become a part of our Safe Place network, please contact:

SFPD Community Engagement Division
1245 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94158
[email protected]

San Francisco Police Department

Safety with Respect for All.