Department Bulletins & Notices 2021

21-001 Warrantless Searches of Vehicles for Identification or Registration Documents (PDF)

21-002 Use of Discretionary Time Off 2021 (PDF)

21-003 Featured Officer of the Month and Officer of the Year Awards (PDF)

21-006 Community Liaison Unit (PDF)

21-010 Community Policing Strategic Plan Videos (PDF)

21-012 Entering Residences: Houses, Apartments, Hotels, including SRO Hotels (PDF)

21-013 Member Inquiries to the Background Investigations Unit (PDF)

21-016 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

21-017 Position Opening : Recruitment Sergeant (PDF)

21-018 Stalking Investigations (PDF)

21-019 Annual Community Policing Strategy (PDF)

21-020 Overtime Rules and Reporting (PDF)

21-021 Property Control Division "Right of Refusal" Policy (PDF)

21-022 Mandatory Listing of All Victims in Found Property Reports (PDF)

21-023 Department General Order 1.08 "Community Policing" Update Packet #72 (PDF)

21-024 Department General Order 5.01 "Use of Force Policy and Proper Control of a Person" Update Packet #73 (PDF)

21-026 Disciplinary Penalty and Referral Guidelines for Sworn Members (PDF)

21-027 Protocol for Release of SB 1421 Documents (PDF)

21-028 SFPD Diversity Strategic Plan (PDF)

21-029 Preliminary Alcohol Screening Devices (Re-issue DB 18-245) (PDF)

21-033 Assignments Effective February 20, 2021 (Supersedes DN 21-032) (PDF)

21-034 Use of APBNet for Crime Bulletins (PDF)

21-037 Reopening of Gyms as of 3/3/2021 (Amendment to DN 20-177) (PDF)

21-038 Disposal of Confidential Information (PDF)

21-039 Assistive Listening Devices and Locations (PDF)

21-040 Mandatory Advanced Officer/Continuing Professional Training Cycle January 2021 - December 2022 (PDF)

21-041 Medical Liaison Transfers and Temporary Modified Duty Assignments (PDF)

21-042 Request for Sign Language Interpreters (Re-Issue DB 18-232) (PDF)

21-043 Temporary License Plates (TLP) (PDF)

21-044 Daylight Saving Time Starts - Spring 2021 (PDF)

21-045 Overtime Rules and Reporting (Supersedes DN 21-020) (PDF)

21-046 Reporting Misconduct (PDF)

21-047 Department General Order 11.11 "Intervention and Resource Program" Update Packet #74 (PDF)

21-048 2021 Legislative Updates (PDF)

21-049 Reporting Requirements for Cal/OSHA (Re-Issue DB 19-040) (PDF)

21-050 POST Professional Certificate Program Requirements (Re-issue DB 18-210) (PDF)

21-051 The San Francisco Police Department Reserve Officer Program (PDF)

21-052 Field Interview System (PDF)

21-053 Details Regarding CJ#1 Intake during Public Health Testing Order (PDF)

21-054 San Francisco Ethics Commission SFPD "Statement of Incompatible Activities" (Supersedes DB 19-082) (PDF)

21-055 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Deployment to Police Vehicles (PDF)

21-056 Instructions for Completing and Routing Community Policing Tracking form SFPD 509 (PDF)

21-057 Issuance of Card Keys to District Stations for Gaining Access to the garage at 850 Bryant Street After-Hours (1900-0600) (Re-issue DB 18-130) (PDF)

21-058 Use of Department Mailing Address for Personal Mail Prohibited (Re-issue DB 19-050) (PDF)

21-059 Arrests of Department Members: Notification Responsibility (Re-Issue DB 19-033) (PDF)

21-060 Inquiries into a Member's Own Vehicle or Driving Record (Re-Issue DB 19-056) (PDF)

21-062 Stop Data Collection System (SDCS) Update (Supplements DN 20-141) (PDF)

21-063 Use of Service and Support Animals by Persons with Disabilities (Re-Issue DB 19-074) (PDF)

21-064 Consent Required to Review Hotel Registries (Re-issue DB 19-069) (PDF)

21-065 Towing Vehicles for CSI Processing (PDF)

21-066 CABLE Special Events Subsystem Deactivation (PDF)

21-067 SFPD Office of Equity and Inclusion (PDF)

21-068 Green Pin Campaign to Support Mental Health Awareness Month - May 2021 Temporary Modification of DUO 10.01 - "Uniform and Equipment Classes" (PDF)

21-069 Revised Protocol for Release of SB 1421 Documents (Supersedes DN 21-027) (PDF)

21-070 Position Opening: Leadership Development Coordinator (PDF)

21-071 Rights and Responsibilities under California Whistleblower Laws (Re-issue DB 19-068) (PDF)

21-072 Providing Language Access Services for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Individuals (Re-issue DB 18-185) (PDF)

21-073 Prohibited Items at Airport Security Checkpoints (Re-issue DB 18-061) (PDF)

21-075 Position Opening: Hostage/ Crisis Negotiator (PDF)

21-076 Dashboard Review System (Phase I) (PDF)

21-078 Wellness Program Fiscal Year 2020-2021 (PDF)

21-079 eCitation (Re-issue DB 18-028) (PDF)

21-080 Professional Development Opportunities: Training and Assignments (PDF)

21-081 The Sworn Promotional Process (Re-issue DB 19-003) (PDF)

21-082 Postponement of DGO 5.01 "Use of Force Policy and Proper Control of a Person" effective date (PDF)

21-083 Procedure for Completing and Submitting the CHP 555 Form (Re-Issue DB 19-045) (PDF) 

21-084 Department General Order 5.03 "Investigative Detentions" Update Packet #75 (PDF)

21-085 Syringe Access and Disposal Programs (Re-issue DB 17-007) (PDF)

21-087 Requests for Service (Re-issue DB 19-117) (PDF)

21-088 Pride Patch Project to Support At-Risk Communities in San Francisco (Temporary Modification of DGO 10.01 - "Uniform and Equipment Classes") (Supersedes DN 20-084) (PDF)

21-089 California Mandated "Purpose" Code Entry (PDF)

21-090 Position Opening: Public Information Officer (PIO) (PDF)

21-091 POST Executive Development Course (PDF)

21-092 Report Writing for Community Police Service Aides (PSA) (Re-issue DB 19-110) (PDF)

21-093 Mandated Reporters (Re-issue DB 19-109) (PDF)

21-094 Reporting the Theft and Recovery of Electric Vehicles / Electric Ride-on-Toys in SVS (Re-issue DB 19-058) (PDF)

21-095 Bias Free Policing Strategic Plan (PDF)

21-097 Changes to SFDA One-Hour Telephone Standby Subpoenas (Supersedes DN 20-065) (PDF)

21-117 Vaccination Requirements for Personnel in High-Risk Settings (PDF)

21-119 Application for The Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (Supersedes DN 21-036) (PDF)

21-120 Public Records on Personal Electronic Devices (Re-Issue DB 19-153) (PDF)

21-121 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

21-122 Position Opening: Traffic Collision Investigator (PDF)

21-123 Uniform and Clothing Allowance (Re-issue DB 19-087) (PDF)

21-124 Notification of City Gender Inclusion Policy (PDF)

21-125 Return of Seized Firearms, Ammunition, and Ammunition Feeding Device (Reissue DB 18-238) (PDF)

21-126 Hearing Conservation Program (Re-issue DB 19-150) (PDF)

21-131 Restructure and Reorganization of Command- Investigations Bureau (PDF)

21-132 Restructure and Reorganization of Command Investigations Bureau (Supersedes DN 21-131) (PDF)

21-133 73rd Annual Police and Fire Mass (PDF)

21-137 Outside Agency Courtesy Reports (Re-issue DB 19-101) (PDF)

21-139 Transporting Persons Who Use Mobility Devices (Re-issue DB 19-159) (PDF)

21-140  Addition of Training Division Units to the Firearm Discharge Review Board (Amends DUO 3.10) (PDF)

21-141 Vaccination Requirements for Employees (PDF)

21-142 Wearing of Uniform Patches (PDF)

21-143 Emergency Response and Pursuit Driving Reporting Update (Re-issue DB 19-142) (PDF)

21-144 Rights Afforded to Sex Registrants by California Senate Bill (SB) 384 (PDF)

21-145 Position Opening: Staff Services Division - Recruitment Unit Officer (PDF)

21-146 Arrests Involving Firearms (Re-issue DB 19-138) (PDF)

21-147 Chief's Message 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001 (PDF)

21-148 APBnet—Law Enforcement Alert System (Re-issue DB 19-148) (PDF)

21-149 Safe Sidewalk Vending Act CA Senate Bill 946 (PDF)

21-150 Delivery of Collision Reports to the Crime Information Services Unit (Re-issue 19-094) (PDF)

21-153 Seasonal Influenza Vaccination and Annual TB Screening (Re-issue DN 19-194 & DB 19-002) (PDF)

21-157 Discontinuation of FasTrak Transponders (PDF)

21-160 Return to Pacific Standard Time (Supersedes DN 20-156) (PDF)

21-161 Application for the SFPD Leadership Development Institute (Supersedes DN 20-146) (PDF)

21-162 CABLE Juvenile Abuse Query (QJAB) Deactivation (PDF)

21-164 Assignments Effective November 13, 2021 (PDF)

21-165 Position Opening: Traffic Collision Investigator (PDF)

21-166 Assembly Bill 748: the Release of Audio or Video Recordings of a Critical Incident (Re-issue DB 19-174) (PDF)

21-168 Public Records on Personal Electronic Devices (Supersedes DN 21-120) (PDF)

21-169 Early Intervention System Procedures (Reissue DB 19-220) (PDF)

21-170 Family & Children Services Referral Card (SFPD 570) (Re-issue DB 17-039) (PDF)

21-173 Position Opening: Background Investigation Unit Sergeant (PDF)

21-174 Sexual Assault Survivors at District Stations (Re-issue DB 19-175) (PDF)

21-176 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

21-178 Towing of Vehicles (Rescinds DN 20-076) (PDF)