Tenderloin Station Newsletter - April 30, 2018

The good work Tenderloin Station Officers are doing is paying off. Significant decreases in several crime categories (in this newsletter) are not just numbers; they equate to fewer people being victimized. We are all working hard to make Tenderloin/SOMA/ Market Street the safe neighborhood this community deserves. In 2018 Tenderloin officers have already made nearly 300 Narcotics arrests. Many of these arrests lead to court issued stay away orders issued against dealers. We are aggressively enforcing those court orders which causes a significant disruption in the Tenderloin drug network.

More importantly, these arrests send an unequivocal message the community and the SFPD won’t tolerate an open air drug market. We work closely with our neighborhood DA to get dispositions in these cases which will best benefit the community. Undercover “buy-Bust” operations in the Tenderloin over the last few weeks have resulted in 30+ dealers booked for selling heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, pills to our undercover officers. These operations are very effective and we will continue to use this strategy to arrest dealers who prey on, and profit from, addiction. The vast majority of these dealers not only live outside the Tenderloin, they don’t live in San Francisco. They commute here to deal and then go back to their homes outside San Francisco at the end of the day.

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