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S.F.P.D. Traffic Company

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Traffic Company serves the community by providing traffic enforcement, accident investigations and education. The Company is a division assigned to the Operations Bureau and has a total complement of 79 sworn and 2 civilian personnel. The staffing distribution of police resources is 62% enforcement; 17% supervisors; 14% traffic support; 5% S.T.O.P. administration and 2% civilian.

The Company's primary mission is to reduce injuries and fatalities from traffic collisions. To accomplish the mission, our responsibility and commitment, is to provide traffic and pedestrian safety by:

Investigations of traffic collisions involving injury and death;

Traffic enforcement of hazardous vehicle code violations in areas of high frequency crashes;

Traffic management involved with major parades and athletic events, demonstrations and dignitary escorts;

Enforcement of unlicensed drivers and unregistered vehicles and

Provide traffic and pedestrian safety education to community groups and local schools.

The Company is comprised of four (4) branches: Enforcement and Investigations, Traffic Support, San Francisco Traffic Offender Program (S.T.O.P.) and Training and Maintenance. The branches are described below:

ENFORCEMENT AND INVESTIGATION (E & I) – Forty (40) Solo motorcycle officers are assigned to provide a high profile police presence to deter and enforce hazardous moving violations in areas identified with a high frequency of crashes, investigation of injury and fatal crashes and response to neighborhood enforcement concerns. Officers are designated to one of ten police district stations and patrol on two-wheel motorcycles throughout the city. In addition to enforcement responsibilities, officers frequently provide escorts for head-of-state dignitaries.

TRAFFIC SUPPORT – This branch of the Traffic Company is diverse in other traffic responsibilities ranging from commercial vehicle enforcement and inspection to community education. Traffic Support's responsibilities are:

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and Inspection

Automated Red Light Enforcement

Traffic Collision Report Review and Data Collection

Department Accident Board of Review (D.A.B.O.R.)

School Safety Patrol

Serious Offenders Unit

Sign Posting for Special Events

Tow Hearings

San Francisco Traffic Offender Program (S.T.O.P.) – The inception of the STOP Unit is based on the California Safe Streets Act of 1994. The intent of this act is to focus and increase enforcement efforts on the unlicensed driver and unregistered vehicles pursuant to the California Vehicle Codes. Solo motorcycle officers assigned to the unit conduct daily STOP enforcement and organize joint safety operations with district stations. Administrative officers are also assigned to STOP and manage, review and determine the dynamics of each case prior the release of the impounded vehicle.

Training and Maintenance Unit – Solo motorcycle officers, must attend and pass, a comprehensive, 7-week departmental training course in the safe operation of the Harley Davidson Road King and Kawasaki 1000. This intense law enforcement motorcycle training provides the officers with knowledge, skills and abilities to navigate the challenges of San Francisco's geographical terrain and roadways. In addition to training, an integral part of safety includes the regular maintenance of the fleet's motorcycles.