Department Bulletins & Notices 2023

23-001 Use of Discretionary Time Off 2023 (PDF)

23-002 Weekly DPA Complaints Log (Supersedes DN 22-029) (PDF)

23-003 U.S. Armed Forces Service Ribbon (Supersedes D.N. 21-108) (PDF)

23-004 Arrests of Sex Offenders (Supersedes DN 19-203) (PDF)

23-005 Mandatory Training for All SFPD Employees (Update DN 19-032) (PDF)

23-006 Position Opening: Community Ambassador Program (CAP) Sergeant (PDF)

23-007 Enforcement of Laws and Ordinances for Homeless Individuals Sitting, Lying, or Sleeping on Public Property (Supersedes DB 19-080 & DN 20-100) (PDF)

23-009 Accurint LE: Accessing Data for "Permissible Purposes" (Re-issue DB 18-162) (PDF)

23-010 California Public Records Act Request Portal (Re-issue DN 19-204) (PDF)

23-011 SF Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEL) (PDF)

23-012 Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Training Symposium (PDF)

23-013 Revised SFPD 387 Traffic Offender Program – STOP Follow Up Information Form (PDF)

23-016 Reporting Occupational Exposures to Bodily Fluids (Update to DN 19-228) (PDF)

23-017 Cancellation of Watches Off and Use of Discretionary Time Off 2023 (PDF)

23-018 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

23-019 2023 Legislative Updates (PDF)

23-020 Applications for the 30x30 Women in Policing Fellowship Opportunity (PDF)

23-021 Internal Affairs Division (Update to DN 19-244) (PDF)

23-022 Department General Order 3.17 “Department Identification Cards” Update Packet #84 (PDF)

23-024 Position Opening: Airport Bureau Range Sergeant (PDF)

23-027 Racial Equity & Inclusion Survey (PDF)

23-028 Mandatory BiasSync Training for All Members (PDF)

23-030 Q-60 Lieutenant and Q-80 Captain Examination (PDF)

23-031 30x30 Survey of Sworn Women (PDF)

23-032 Secondary Incident Code for “Cryptocurrency Related Crime” added to CDW Report Writing System (PDF)

23-033 BWC Recordings in and around SF County Jail Facilities (PDF)

23-034 New Department Form for Live Monitoring Requests, per SFBOS Ordinance 205-22 (PDF)

23-035 National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives 27th Annual Conference (PDF)

23-036 Senate Bill 2 (PDF)

23-037 Autism Awareness (PDF)

23-038 Mandatory Advanced Officer/Continuing Professional Training Cycle January 2023 - December 2024 (Supersedes DN 22-119) (PDF)

23-039 Leadership San Francisco 2024 (PDF)

23-040 2023 Application for The Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI) (PDF)

23-041 Q-80 Captain Examination Update (PDF)

23-042 Q-60 Lieutenant Examination Update (PDF)

23-043 Obtaining Emergency Protective Orders (EPO’s), Search Warrants, DUI Blood Draw Search Warrants, Arrest Warrants, Emergency Bail Modifications and Emergency Gun Violence Restraining Orders (Update DB 18-034) (PDF)

23-045 Activation of Body Worn Cameras (Update DB 20-175) (PDF)

23-046 Street Vendor Enforcement (PDF)

23-047 Compensatory Time-Off Buyback (PDF)

23-048 SFPD Mentorship Program (PDF)

23-049 Survivor Benefits Checklist and Resource Contact Information (Update to DN 20-036) (PDF)

23-050 Timekeeping Responsibilities and Inadequate Balance in HRMS (Re-issue DN 20-037) (PDF)

23-052 Surreptitious Recording (Re-issue DN 20-041) (PDF)

23-053 POST Professional Certificate Program Requirements (Supersedes DB 21-050) (PDF)

23-054 Position Opening: Homicide Sergeant (PDF)

23-057 NAPOA Annual Training Conference (PDF)

23-058 San Francisco Police Department "Take Your Child to Work Day" (PDF)

23-059 Pop-up Network Acceptable Use Statement on Workstations (Update to DN 20-059) (PDF)

23-060 Phone Ping During Homicide Incidents (Re-issue ON 20-117) (PDF)

23-061 Department General Orders Public Comment Website (PDF)

23-062 Position Opening: General Work Sergeant (PDF)

23-063 Position Opening: Burglary Sergeant (PDF)

23-064 NOBLE's 47 Annual Training Conference (PDF)

23-065 Application for the 30x30 Focus Group (PDF)

23-066 Department Media Relations and Social Media - Booking Photos and Arrestee Information (Re-issue DN 20-112) (PDF)

23-067 Parking City-Owned Vehicles and Procedures to Request Dismissal of Parking Citations (Re-issue DN 20-032) (PDF)

23-068 Animal Care and Control CLETS Requests (PDF)

23-069 Position Opening: Police Headquarters (PHQ) Officer (PDF)

23-070 Position Opening: Video Retrieval Officer (PDF)

23-071 Mobile ShotSpotter Application (Re-issue ON 19-232) (PDF)

23-073 SFPD Policy Development Division (POD) (PDF)

23-074 Q-60 Lieutenant and Q-80 Captain Examination Update (PDF)

23-076 Proper Disposition of Bicycles and Scooters that are the Property of Rental/Share Companies (Re-issue DN 20-057) (PDF)

23-078 Position Opening: Special Victims Unit (SVU) Sergeant (PDF)

23-080 POST Executive Development Course (Re-Issue DN 21-091) (PDF)

23-081 Position Opening: Concealed Carry Weapon Unit (CCW) Sergeant (PDF)

23-082 Prohibited Items at Airport Security Checkpoints (PDF)

23-083 Collection of DNA Evidence at Crime Scenes (PDF)

23-084 Firearms Only Envelope, Firearms Evidence Envelope and Proper Terminology (Update to DB 20-049) (PDF)

23-086 Forensic Services Division (PDF)

23-087 Wellness Program Arbitration Award (Re-issue DN 20-014) (PDF)

23-088 Wellness Program Fiscal Year 2022-2023 (PDF)

23-089 Department General Order 5.24 "Disengagement Procedures" Update Packet #87 (PDF)

23-090 Suicide Risk Assessment Application Survey (PDF)

23-091 Obstructed Sidewalks Radio Code 921 (PDF)

23-093 Director of Constitutional Policing (PDF)

23-094 Department General Order 2.08 “Peace Officer Rights in Disciplinary Investigations” Update Packet #85 (PDF)

23-095 Department General Order 8.01"Major and Critical Incident Evaluation and Notification" Update Packet #86 (PDF)

23-096 Declaration of Prior Law Enforcement Service (PDF)

23-097 Position Opening: Homeless Outreach Officer - Healthy Streets Operations Center (HSOC) (PDF)

23-098 Q-60 Lieutenant Examination Update (Update to DN 23-042) (PDF)

23-099 Pride Patch Project to Support At-Risk Communities in San Francisco (Temporary Modification of DGO 10.01 - "Uniform and Equipment Classes") (Supersedes DN 22-050) (PDF)

23-100 Transitioning from Lexis Nexis Accurint to Thomson Reuter’s Clear (Supersedes DN 23-009) (PDF)

23-101 Report Writing for Community Police Service Aides (PSA) (Update to DB 21-092) (PDF)

23-102 Report Writing Responsibilities Supervisors, Officers & Police Service Aides (Update to DN 20-134) (PDF)

23-105 Department General Order 6.04 "Assaults on Police Officers" Update Packet #88 (PDF)

23-107 Department General Order 6.05 "Death Cases" Update Packet #89 (PDF)

23-109 Benchmark Command Directive System (PDF)

23-110 Reporting and Investigating Suspected Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse (Update to DN 20-113) (PDF)

23-111 Warrantless Searches of Defendants on Pre-Trial Electronic Monitoring (PDF)

23-112 Position Opening: Policy Development Division (PDD) Sergeant (PDF)

23-113 Position Opening: Field Training Program - Officers & Sergeants (PDF)

23-114 Laser Eye Protection (PDF)

23-115 COVID-19 Ribbon (PDF)

23-116 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

23-117 Crime Tracer, The Search Engine For Law Enforcement (PDF)

23-118 Department General Order 11.13 “Directed and Recommended Referrals to the SFPD Behavioral Science Unit” Update Packet #90 (PDF)

23-119 Revised SFPD 491 and SFPD 591 Forms (PDF)

23-127 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

23-128 Position Opening: Community Engagement Sergeant (PDF)

23-129 Position Opening: Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) Unit Officer (PDF)

23-130 Position Opening: Body Worn Camera Unit (BWC) Sergeant (PDF)

23-131 Bilingual Testing for Department Members (Update to DB 19-149) (PDF)

23-132 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

23-133 Revised Crash Information Card - SFPD 19 (PDF)

23-134 Department Ribbons (PDF)

23-135 Department General Order 11.08 "Grooming Standards" Update Packet #91 (PDF)

23-136 75th Annual Police, Sheriff, and Fire Mass (PDF)

23-137 New BSU Mobile App for Personal and Department Phones Effective 8/1/23 (PDF)

23-138 FasTrak Tolling for City-Owned Vehicles (Supersedes DN 21-157) (PDF)

23-139 Department General Order 6.02 "Physical Evidence and Scene Preservation" Update Packet #92 (PDF)

23-140 Position Opening: Homicide Sergeant (PDF)

23-141 Return to Patrol Transition Plan (PDF)

23-142 SEIU Member Exemption from DGO 11.13 (PDF)

23-143 Addition of Training Division Units to the Firearm Discharge Review Board (Amends DGO 3.10, Re-issue DB 21-140) (PDF)

23-144 Department Email Policy & Procedures (Update to DN 20-070) (PDF)

23-146 Position Opening: Special Victims Unit (SVU) Sergeant (PDF)

23-147 Position Opening: Narcotics Task Force Officer at SFO (PDF)

23-148 Position Opening: Marine Unit Sergeant (PDF)

23-149 Position Opening: General Work Sergeant (PDF)

23-150 Chief's Video on Strategic Planning & New PowerDMS tab for Strategic Planning (PDF)

23-153 Requesting Data & Analysis Support (Update to DN 19-205) (PDF)

23-154 Department General Order 9.01 "Traffic Enforcement" Update Packet #93 (PDF)

23-156 "Preemptive Deployment of Tire Deflation Devices" (PDF)

23-157 Chiefs Community Police Advisory Forum (CCPAF)

23-158 Rescinding of DGO 10.09, "Computer Management Committee"

23-159 Benchmark Stop Data System (Supersedes DB 20-141 & DB 21-062, Supplements DN 23-108)

23-160 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Uniform of the Day

23-161 Pink Patch Project to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Temporary Modification of DGO 10.01 -"Uniform and Equipment Classes" (Supersedes DN 22-096)

23-162 San Francisco Police Department 175th Anniversary Commemorative Pin

23-163 Application for the SFPD Leadership Development Institute

23-164 Implementation of RESTVOS Mobile App (Returning Stolen Vehicle To Owner System)

23-165 Department General Order 9.02 "Vehicle Crashes" Update Packet #94

23-166 Enforcement of Laws and Ordinances for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness Sitting, Lying, or Sleeping on Public Property (Supersedes DN 23-007)

23-167 Department General Order 2.01 “General Rules of Conduct” Update Packet #95

23-168 Department General Order 5.16 "Search Warrants" Update Packet #98

23-169 Department General Order 2.02 "Alcohol Use by Sworn Department Members" Update Packet #96

23-170 Department General Order 2.03 "Use of Intoxicants or Drugs by Sworn Department Members" Update Packet #97

23-171 SFPD Lactation Policy (Supersedes DN 21-112)

23-172 Position Opening: Field Training Program - Officers & Sergeants

23-173 2023 - 2nd Application period for The Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI) (Supersedes ON 23-040)

23-174 Prohibition on Towing Vehicles for Vehicle Code 2265l(i) Five or more unpaid/delinquent parking tickets

23-175 Processing Memoranda of Understanding and Other Agency Agreements

23-176 Secondary Incident Code for "Incident on School Grounds" (Update to DN 20-143)

23-177 Return to Pacific Standard Time (Update to DN 21-160)

23-178 California Election Laws (Updated DN 20-153)

23-179 Implementation of RESTVOS Mobile App Returning Stolen Vehicle To Owner System (Supersedes DN 23-164)

23-180 Assignment of Court Dates for Non-Traffic and Traffic Adult Citations (Supersedes DN 22-123)

23-181 Employee Handbook City and County of San Francisco (Update to DN 06-212)

23-182 Promotional Announcement 

23-183 Street Crisis Response Team (Supersedes DN 21-113 and DN 20-178) 

23-184 Department General Order 3.05 "Department Weapon Return Panel" Update Packet #99

23-185 Guidelines Concerning Drug-Related Loitering Offense (Update to DB 18-240)

23-186 Department General Order 5.07 "Rights of Onlookers" Update Packet #100

23-187 No Political Activity While on Duty (Supersedes DN 22-100)

23-188 Station Property & Evidence Drop Off During the APEC Event

23-189 Diplomatic Immunity and Consular Notifications During APEC

23-190 Opiate Overdose Prevention and Treatment - Naloxone Hydrochloride (Update to DN 20-173)

23-191 Service of Documents for City Attorney's Lawsuits or Actions Related to Criminal Conduct (Update to DN 20-135)

23-192 Equitable, Fair, and Respectful Workplace Policy (Update to DN 20-132)

23-193 Custody Transportation for Medical Treatment and Clearance

23-194 Medal of Valor Awards Ceremony

23-195 Department General Order 5.01 "Use of Force and Proper Control of a Person" Update Packet #101

23-197 Pursuit Driving Policy Attestation: Vehicle Code Section 17004.7(b)(l) CVC (Update to ON 20-174)

23-198 Stop Data Regulatory Update (Supplements DN 23-159)

23-199 Quarterly Reporting of Misconduct Complaints against SFPD Employees

23-202 Enforcement of Laws and Ordinances for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness Sitting, Lying, or Sleeping on Public Property (Supersedes ON 23-166)

23-203 Management of Department Social Media Accounts (Re-issue ON 20-140)

23-204 Teletypewriter (TTY) Phones and the California Relay Service (CRS) (Supersedes Department Bulletin 20-131)

23-205 Use of Rental Vehicles (Update DN 20-184)

23-206 Preliminary Alcohol Screening Devices (Re-issue DN 18-245 and 21-029)

23-207 Position Opening: IT Enterprise Records Management System (ERMS) Sergeant

23-210 Mandatory Notification to the Department Operations Center (DOC) (Update DN 20-182)