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Are you interested in taking the first step in discovering an exciting career within the San Francisco Police Department? The San Francisco Police Reserve Unit is seeking qualified community members who meet the standards necessary to become a San Francisco Police Reserve. The San Francisco Police Department invites you to consider a second career to serve and protect in a world class city in the uniform of a world class police department.

We offer a unique opportunity to work in an environment that is unavailable anywhere else. The San Francisco Police Department offers qualified individuals a chance to experience working with diverse cultures, communities and in some of the most iconic destinations the world has to offer.

The Police Reserve Officer Program is comprised of community members, such as yourself, and retired police officers who wish to volunteer as a Reserve Police Officer. These officers supplement the full-time officers in a variety of duties throughout the Department. They patrol in vehicles, on foot patrols, or on bicycle patrol. Most Reserve Officers work with officers, but others can qualify to patrol on their own. This program is ideal for individuals who have an established career and do not wish to make a full transition to full-time Police Officer. Reserve Officers can enjoy the best of both worlds, maintain their chosen career while helping to police an internationally known city.

  • Minimum Qualifications

    The minimum qualifications for Reserve Police Officer is as follows:

    • Be at least 21 years of age at the time of appointment;
    • Not have any felony or serious misdemeanor convictions that would prohibit you from possessing a firearm;
    • Be a United States citizen or have applied for U.S. citizenship;
    • Possess a High School diploma or GED equivalency;
    • Possess a California driver's license;
    • Successfully pass a complete Peace Officer Background Investigation;
    • Pass the Police Entrance Exam
    • Successfully pass a polygraph exam, psychological screening, & medical examination;
    • Successfully pass an Oral Interview.
  • I don't have the required training. How do I obtain it?

    The San Francisco Police Department will be conducting a Modular Level III Regional Police Academy scheduled for September 23, 2019. It will finish on December 4th, 2019.  This training will be held three times a week.  Two weeknights, 4 hours of instruction each night and 8 hours on a Saturday. This is a 168 hour class and the cost is $1765 per student.

    Most Community Colleges that have an Administration of Justice Program sponsor the necessary training. There are several institutions within the nine Bay Area Counties, including City College of San Francisco.

    In most cases, the basic training needed (Reserve Officer Level III) will last one full semester. Contact the institution of your choice to determine the availability and schedule of the next class.

    Some suggestions are listed below:

    South Bay Regional Training Consortium
    College of San Mateo Campus
    1700 West Hillsdale Blvd
    San Mateo, California 94402

    South Bay Regional Training Consortium
    Evergreen Campus
    3095 Yerba Buena Road
    San Jose, CA 95135

    Santa Rosa Junior College Training Center
    Administration of Justice Department
    5743 Skylane Blvd
    Windsor, California 95492

    Napa Valley College
    Administration of Justice Department
    2277 Napa Vallejo Highway 29
    Napa, California 95458

  • Duties of a Reserve Officer

    A Reserve Officer performs general law enforcement, which includes street patrol, conducting preliminary police investigations, report writing, collision investigations, traffic control, issuance of citations, and other basic law enforcement functions.

    Reserve Officers are also utilized at special events such as parades, street fairs, or security for major sporting events. Other duties include support services to other units within the Department, narcotics or vice crimes investigations, DUI checkpoints, Marine Unit patrol, or be assigned to the Inspector's Bureau. Reserve Officers perform most of the same duties as a full-time officer. 

    Reserve Officers are required to work during maximum deployment assignments such as, New Year's Eve, Halloween, major disasters, or major events. Reserve Officers may be required to work extended 12-hour shifts.

    A typical Reserve Officer performs at least twenty hours of service each month. A Reserve Officer can volunteer to work more than the minimum twenty hours a month, if they choose. Reserve Officers can request to be assigned to any of the ten district stations within San Francisco or work within one of the many specialized units. Reserve Officers will receive an additional four hours, per month, of training each month various regarding topics.

  • Benefits of a Reserve Officer

    The Police Department does not offer financial compensation for its Reserve Officers, but we will provide you with the standard uniform and equipment of a San Francisco Police Officer. You will be issued a Department-owned firearm, custom fitted protective vest, crowd control equipment, leather gear, and other related equipment. If a Reserve Officer regularly meets his/her monthly obligation of service, that Reserve Officer will be allowed to request a voucher for additional uniforms (on an annual basis).

    Reserve Officers are eligible for continued professional training, outside training courses, and any other course taught at the SFPD Academy at no-cost to that Reserve Officer.

    If a Reserve Officer is injured in the line-of-duty, he or she will receive Worker's Compensation benefits.

    Reserve Officer is strictly a non-civil service volunteer position and does not receive any payment.

  • Lateral Reserve Officers

    The San Francisco Police Department is also seeking qualified Reserve Police Officers for lateral entry into its Police Reserve Unit. Lateral Reserve Officers will not have to attend another academy, only orientation type training to become familiar with SFPD policies and procedures. Applicants must have graduated from a POST (Police Officers Standards and Training) approved academy. Candidates will be required to successfully complete the same processing criteria required for a San Francisco Police Reserve Officer.  Lateral Reserve Officers must have served satisfactorily in another police agency for at least one year. The first step is to attend a reserve orientation meeting.

  • Levels of Reserve Officers

    The SFPD appoints Reserve Officers of all levels. We accept Level I, II, III Reserve Officers who have previously been certified by a P.O.S.T. accredited institution. If you have completed a Basic Police Academy within the last three years, you are qualified to be a Reserve Officer.

    Level I Reserve Officers may be certified to work alone or with another Reserve Officer. He/she must successfully pass a 400-hour Field Training Program prior to being released to work alone.

    Level II Reserve Officers cannot work alone and must work with a fulltime officer or a Level I Reserve Officer.

    Level III Reserve Officers cannot work alone and are assigned mostly to special events. This is an entry level position for Reserve Officer, unless you have been certified at a higher level.

  • How to Apply

    To apply, you must submit your interest via the Q-0 Supplemental Questionnaire.

    For any questions or to obtain more information please contact Sgt. Raymond Padmore at [email protected] or Garret Tom at [email protected].

    Reserve Officer Informational Flyer (PDF)

Contact Information

If you need additional information, please contact Sgt. Raymond Padmore at [email protected] or Garret Tom at [email protected].

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