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The Background Unit is tasked to investigate the backgrounds of all applicants once they receive their completed background packet. To expedite the background process, all information should be submitted. Incomplete background packets will delay the investigation.

When calling the Background Investigation Unit, please be prepared to give your "list" number ( E-130). No 3rd party callers.

Background Investigation Unit
1245 3rd Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94158

Available forms for current applicants who are going through backgrounds:

Q-2 Police Officer Background Information

Following the successful completion of the oral examination, and physical ability, you will be required to submit the documents listed below. As some of these documents require several weeks to obtain, start compiling these documents NOW.

Do not bring these items to the testing process. You will need to provide these items when you submit your background packet.

  1. A certified copy of your birth certificate. If you do not have one, you may obtain one by writing to County Recorder, city of your birth. Usually there will be a small charge for this.
  2. Copy of registration with the Selective Service System. Males 18-26 are required to register. Contact Selective Service, if needed at (847) 688-6888. Proof of registration can also be obtained by the following website:
(this link will take you out of the SFPD website)

  1. Copies of high school and college diploma(s).
  2. Official transcript(s) from high school and college or G.E.D. Certificate and scores. Official transcripts are sealed.
  3. All veterans will be required to provide a copy of DD214.
  4. Citizenship is necessary at the time of appointment. If you have been naturalized, you will be required to provide your Certificate of Naturalization when contacted by your investigator.
  5. Marriage certificate(s). (Certified copy or have your original with you at the time of the background interview, once contacted by an investigator.)
  6. Dissolution/Divorce Decrees.
  7. Copies of any restraining orders issued or filed.
  8. Copy of vehicle insurance policy.
  9. A recent photograph (passport size) is requested for identification purposes.
  10. Certified copies of any bankruptcy proceedings.

Additionally, the Police Department will need to know for the last ten (10) years:

  • your places of residence
  • persons with whom you have resided
  • places of employment
  • names of coworkers and supervisors
  • names of all law enforcement agencies with whom you have applied.

Begin to gather the information and required documents NOW.

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