SFPD’s Traffic Company Conducts Traffic Safety Operations on The Embarcadero 18-104

The Embarcadero is a major thoroughfare used by San Francisco residents, businesses and visitors with utilization increasing during summer tourism months. Throughout the day, The Embarcadero is used by motor vehicles including passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, bicyclists as well as pedestrians.

On July 9th, 2018, the SFPD’s Traffic Company increased traffic enforcement along The Embarcadero to help create a safer environment for all.  San Francisco Police motorcycle traffic officers work together with Vision Zero partners to reduce collisions. The traffic safety operations concluded July 31st.

SFPD motorcycle officers issued approximately 125 citations for various offenses including Vision Zero “Focus on the Five” violations (red light, stop sign, speeding, right-of-way, and failing to yield while turning violations) as well as bicycle lane violations and distracted driving violations.

San Francisco is committed to eliminating traffic deaths on our streets as part of Vision Zero SF. Vision Zero SF is our city’s commitment to prioritize safe streets for everyone.