Notes Used During Presentation at the May 21st, 2018 Town Hall to Address the May 11th 2018 Officer Involved Shooting 18-065(b)

Map of OIS


May 11, 2018 at approximately 0057 Hrs. 

  • Two uniformed officers in a marked police vehicle were on patrol in the area of Steiner Street and Geary Boulevard.
  • The officers heard an audible vehicle alarm and upon investigating further observed broken glass on the sidewalk and two individuals walking away from a parked vehicle with a shattered window.
  • The officers attempted to detain the two individuals who were later identified as 21 year-old Antioch resident, Hershel Hale and 23 year-old Brentwood resident Maurice Jones.
  • Jones was detained at the scene by one officer while Hale fled from the scene and was pursued on foot by the second officer.
  • The foot pursuit continued for approximately four blocks to the area of Webster Street and O’Farrell Street.
  • At that location, Hale entered a parked vehicle, a Hyundai Sonata, started the vehicle and attempted to flee. The officer ordered Hale out of the vehicle but Hale did not comply.
  • Hale then drove the vehicle forward from its parked position, striking the rear of a parked car before exiting the parking spot.
  • As Hale’s vehicle was exiting its parking spot, a second marked SFPD vehicle arrived with two uniformed officers. The driver of the police vehicle stopped police vehicle and the passenger officer exited out the passenger door while the driver remained inside.
  • Hale then drove his vehicle towards the stopped police vehicle, striking the right front of the police vehicle.
  • Hale then drove his vehicle past the marked police vehicle and in the direction of where the passenger in the police vehicle was now standing. 
  • That officer then retreated to a safe position to avoid being hit by Hale’s vehicle.
  • While that officer was moving to a safe position the initial responding officer involved in the foot chase discharged his department firearm at Hale.
  • Hale continued to drive his vehicle and at the intersection of Webster Street and O’Farrell Street his vehicle struck the front end of a marked police SUV which was arriving at the intersection. 
  • Hale then continued to flee in his vehicle and a vehicle pursuit occurred involving Hale’s vehicle and the marked police SUV.
  • The pursuit ended at Civic Center Plaza where Hale’s vehicle jumped the curb and stopped.
  • Hale exited his vehicle and was then taken into custody.
Photo of SFPD Vehicle Photo of Suspect Vehicle

Additional Information:

  • No one was struck by gunfire during the incident.
  • Hale was treated for non-life threatening injuries at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and then released.
  • One officer was evaluated for an injury at the scene of the collisions and officer involved shooting and was released.


  • Preliminary evidence indicates that the officer fired two rounds from his department issued weapon.


  • The officer who discharged his firearm did not have his Body Worn Camera activated.
  • There is no Body Worn Camera footage that captures the shooting.
  • The Body Worn Camera of the officer driving the marked SUV captured the collision, the vehicle pursuit, and the arrest of Hale.
  • The body worn camera of the passenger officer in the SUV captured the collision and Hale fleeing in the vehicle he was driving. 
  • There was one video from a nearby residence that captures the officer moving to a safe position away from Hale’s vehicle. It does not capture the Officer Involved Shooting.


  • There were was one witness other that officers that we have been able to locate and interview.


  • Hershell Hale was charged with Burglary, Assault with Deadly Weapon (not a firearm), Evading Police Officer, Conspiracy, and Hit and Run leading to injury. 
  • Maurice Jones was charged with Burglary and Conspiracy.

Involved Member:

  • The officer involved in this Officer Involved Shooting is identified as William Reininger.  He has just under one year of service with the SFPD and is assigned to the Field Operations Bureau.


  • Independent Investigations Bureau of the District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Police Accountability are conducting their independent investigations.
  • Department’s homicide unit is conducting the criminal investigation and the Department’s Internal Affair’s unit is conducting the administrative investigation.

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