10/01/04 04-120

10/01/04 04-120


October 1, 2004

Subject:    Homicide Suspect Updates

The San Francisco Police Department is supplying updates on three homicide cases, as follows:


Rafael Antonio Cuevas, the suspect in the stabbing homicide of Timothy Griffith that occurred outside SBC Park on September 17, and one of San Francisco’s ten most wanted, was taken into custody today, October 1, at about 9:25 A.M. by U. S. Customs and Border Protection officials in Nogales, Arizona.

Cuevas was attempting to enter the Deconcini Point of Entry in Nogales in the company of his mother, aunt and uncle.  Cuevas and his aunt were passengers in his uncle’s 1987 blue Ford Bronco, which his uncle was driving. 

All the occupants of the car had arrived at the Primary Inspection Lane, where they were ID’d and a warrant hit made on Cuevas.  All three were sent to the Secondary Inspection Lane, where officials confirmed Cuevas’ warrant.  Cuevas was transported to the Santa Cruz jail facility in Arizona, where he is currently being processed.

If Cuevas waives extradition, he will be back in San Francisco by Wednesday, October 6.  If he does not waive extradition, the Governor will issue a warrant, which will take approximately 30 days.


San Francisco police today (October 1) arrested Damien Raymond, 21, for the shooting death of Joseph Harrell on Brookdale Avenue and Santos Street on March 25, 2004.

The arrest was the result of ongoing joint surveillance operations between the SFPD and the

U. S. Marshall’s Office.  During a late morning surveillance operation today, Raymond was seen going into a house on the 1300 block of Ingalls Street.  After Bayview police station officers establish a parameter, the officers observed three persons getting into a van.  Police stopped the van and discovered Raymond lying down in the back of the van.  Police took all three persons into custody.


San Francisco police have placed a suspect on detainer for an SFPD homicide warrant in the shooting death of Wallace Brumfield on the 800 block of Webster Street on June 11, 1999.  The suspect is Lewayne Hollins, 32, of San Francisco.  Hollins is currently in federal custody on an unrelated charge.


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