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Investigations regarding missing persons present a genuine challenge to law enforcement professionals. Fortunately, public awareness and concern about missing persons continues to grow, especially as it relates to missing children, persons who are mentally and physically impaired, and suspected victims of foul play. The San Francisco Police Department will investigate all persons reported missing until the person is found or determined to be a voluntarily missing adult.

Missing Persons Unit
850 Bryant St, Room 500
San Francisco, CA 94103
8:00 am till 5:00pm monday through friday.

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What Is a Missing Person
A missing person includes, but is not limited to, any of the following:

A minor (person less than 18 years of age) who is missing voluntarily or involuntarily

An adult who

  • may be in need of assistance
  • may be the victim of a crime or foul play
  • may be in need of medical attention
  • has no pattern of running away or disappearing
  • may be the victim of parental abduction
  • is mentally or physically impaired

NOTE: The San Francisco Police Department does not have the authority nor the resources to find uprooted friends or relatives who have lost contact with each other. Concerned individuals who are interested in such matters are requested to employ other public and private resources.

How to Report a Missing Person

You may initiate a Missing Persons Report by contacting your local law enforcement agency. Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement agencies in California do not require a person to wait a specific period of time before reporting a missing person.

If available, a photograph of the missing person should accompany the report.
Missing Adults/Juveniles
The Missing Persons Unit of the Juvenile and Family Services Division investigates all adults.

If you have any questions concerning a missing person, please contact your local police station, or call the Missing Persons Unit at 415-558-5508.

Please note: According to California Department of Justice guidelines, the investigating agency is normally the agency in which the missing person lives. If the missing person does not reside within the City of San Francisco, a courtesy Missing Persons Report will be completed and then distributed to the concerned law enforcement agency where the missing person lives and was last seen.

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