S.V.C.D.: Juvenile Section






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The Juvenile Section comprises of the following units to safeguard juveniles and provide youth programs to keep them motivate them to stay in school.

Child Abuse
Investigations to arrest and prosecute those who would prey on our community's youth

Internet CrimeCyber crime, as it affects juveniles, is monitored and prosecuted with state of the art computer technology

Juvenile Offender
When left with no alternative, serious juvenile criminals are apprehended with the goal of rehabilitating them back into the community. Juvenile offender cases are now investigated at the district stations by district-based police inspectors.

Missing Persons
Knowing the concern and anxiety these cases generate, our investigators respond expeditiously and thoroughly to all reports while attempting to assist and comfort affected citizens

Youth Programs
Through a myriad of outreach programs, the San Francisco police department youth programs reaches out to every interest of our city's youth, attempting to partner with them–integrating them as successful citizens of the future


Forensic Services

Investigations 1

Investigations 2

S.V.C.D. : Juvenile Offender