Street Watch: SW-03-25

Street Watch: SW-03-25

Peeping Tom

SW-03-25 10/01/03

Suspect: Possibly Hispanic male, stocky build, about 5'8 , 200 lbs., short black hair, fair complexion, clean-shaven. Last seen wearing dark pants and a dark blue, possibly collared shirt. The Suspect was said to have a clean-cut, Banana Republic looking appearance. Suspect

Narrative: On 09/02/03, the above-described suspect was seen at 6:50 a.m., peering through the bathroom window of a flat in the 1800 block of Grant Avenue in North Beach. When he was approached by a neighbor, the Suspect fled, but was seen peeping again at about 6:48 a.m. on 09/04/03, when one of the girls screamed at a spider, heard some sounds on the steps outside the flat, and looked out the window to see the Suspect running out through the courtyard to the street. The two young women said the incidents started on or before about 08/04/03, when the Suspect came to their door at six in the morning, claiming to be a cab driver answering a call, knocking on the door and insisting they let him in.

If you think you might recognize this individual or have information leading to his identity, the San Francisco Police Department would appreciate your help.
Please call regarding SFPD case #031043889:
SFPD Inspector Brian Delahunty
Sexual Assault Detail

SFPD Operations Center after-hours