Street Watch: SW-03-23

Street Watch: SW-03-23

Sexual Assault on a Juvenile

SW-03-23 08/27/03

Suspect: BM, 20-25 yrs., 5'11 , skinny build, short-cropped hair and mustache/goatee. LSW: dark green baseball cap, black waist-length jacket with front zipper, green jersey, faded blue jeans. Suspect

Narrative: On Monday, 7/28/03, at about 6:00pm, a 13-year-old girl was approached by the above-described suspect, who said his name was Jason. The suspect walked the girl to 1545 Eddy ST., the Fillmore Center, where they went to one of the apartments. Once inside the apartment, the suspect had sex with the girl.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of this suspect should please contact regarding case # 030899942:

Inspector Alex Bini
Juvenile Division

Operations Center after-hours