Street Watch: SW-03-15

Street Watch: SW-03-15


SW-03-15 04-29-03

Suspect: Hispanic Male, 5'7 , 250 lbs., 35-45 years old, gray and black beard (several day's growth). Last Seen Wearing: black sunglasses, beige fisherman's hat, blue button down shirt, beige vest, dark jeans, boots. Suspect

Narrative: on 4/24/03, at 1:00pm, the 15-year-old male victim got off the bus at Francisco and Van Ness, where the Suspect (S1) approached him, using the Victim's first name as if he knew him. S1 told the victim he was a private investigator, and that he was detaining the victim as a suspect in a case he was investigating where a boy took out his penis and threw a semen-filled condom at a girl. S1 took the boy to Van Ness and Bay, where he asked him some very personal questions, many of a sexual nature, then took him into the bushes, supposedly to search for weapons and drugs. S1 then sexually assaulted the victim under the guise of his exploratory investigation. And warned the victim not to tell anyone what happeneed.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of this suspect should please contact regarding case # 030482882:

Inspector Sidney Laws
Sexual Assault Detail

Operations Center after-hours