Special Investigations Div: GTF

Gang Task Force
The Gang Task Force of the Investigations Bureau consist of highly trained and knowledgeable Inspectors and officers who are responsible for the investigations of all non-fatal crimes committed by gang members in San Francisco.


SF police gang task force badge The Task Force formally began in 1977 with over 25 officers assigned to combat the growing number of crimes committed by Asian gangs. In 1982, the Task Force expanded to include crimes committed by Latino gang members. In 1989, the investigation of crimes committed by African-American gangs was incorporated into the unit.
Members of the Task Force attend numerous communities and school meetings throughout the city to address the needs of the communities and schools with information on how to divert, youth at risk away from the gangs.
Task Force officers are committed to teaching veteran officers as well as new recruits to recognize signs of gang involvement as well as tactics for handling

gang members they confront. Members of the Task Force network with Federal and State law enforcement agencies to combat criminal activities locally and organized crime syndicates from abroad.

Gang Task Force
850 Bryant St, Rm 558
San Francisco, CA 94103
Office hours 0800-1700
Monday through Friday
Telephone (415) 553-1401


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