San Francisco Police Recovered Six Grenades


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February 03, 2011  



San Francisco Police Recovered Six Grenades 





San Francisco Police recovered six World War II era grenades this morning in a garage on  the 600 block of Potrero Avenue. Police received a call this morning at approximately 7:15am regarding suspected grenades found in a garage. Officers on scene verified the location and immediately called out the EOD Unit (Bomb Squad). The EOD units arrived and collected the grenades and disposed of them safely.


The building was owned by a 92 year old person who recently passed away. The relatives of the deceased were cleaning out the garage when they came across a bag that contained the grenades and called the police.  


Traffic and Muni was diverted in area. People were evacuated from nearby businesses and residences until the all clear was given at approximately 9:00am.










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