San Francisco Police Commission Approves Study of Less Lethal Weapons


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February 24, 2011  



San Francisco Police Commission Approves Study of

Less Lethal Weapons 






On February 23, 2011, the San Francisco Police Commission voted and approved a study of all less lethal weapons, including the conductive electronic device (CED), commonly known as TASER, for the Police Department. The Commission’s approval means the San Francisco Police Department will conduct a thorough study of all less lethal alternatives, including the CEDs, and will provide a report to the Police Commission within 90 days.


After the 90 day period, the Chief will return to the Commission to present a report.  The Commission will then vote on whether to allow the police department to conduct a pilot program utilizing the less lethal option chosen.


The study will include, but not be limited to, Department General Order 5.01, “Use of Force,” and the review and revision of Department General Order 10.2, “Equipment.”  The study will include recommendations on all lethal options.  It will also include budgetary issues, training, and pertinent Department policy revisions.  The study will also include substantial community input and feedback.


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