San Francisco Police Arrest Three Suspects From Suspected Indoor Marijuana Gro


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April 11, 2011  


San Francisco Police Arrest Three Suspects From Suspected Indoor Marijuana Grow





San Francisco Police arrested three suspects and seized over 1,400 plants from a suspected indoor marijuana grow.  On April 6, 2011 at 2:50 p.m., San Francisco Police Officers were alerted to the presence of the suspected marijuana grow after San Francisco Fire Fighters responded to a building fire alarm on the 600 Block of 3rd Street. Fire fighters located a grow operation on the building’s third floor and saw indications of grow operations on the fourth and fifth floors.


Police Officers obtained a search warrant for the premises.  Upon executing the search warrant, Officers noted suspected marijuana plants growing on the third and fifth floors.  They also noted that the fourth floor was set up for cultivation, but contained no plants at that time.  Officers also noted electrical wiring running throughout the premises in close proximity to open tubs of (irrigation) water. The presence of this combination of electrical wiring, exposed tubs of water and non-permitted electrical work created a safety hazard. As a result, electrical service to the building was shut off by the utility company.


During the investigation, three subjects attempted to enter the premises.  They were detained by officers and it was determined that two of the subjects were linked to the third floor location. Each subject was found to be in possession of keys fitting the building’s exterior door and to the door leading to the third floor grow. These subjects, two males, 30 years of age from San Francisco and one male, 29 years old from Oakland, were booked for: Conspiracy, Unauthorized Cultivation of and Possession for Sale of Marijuana (Felonies) and Maintaining a Place for the Sale of Drugs (Misdemeanor).  Identities of the booked subjects will not be released at this time as the investigation is on-going.


Officers seized over 1,000 suspected marijuana plants and two pounds of suspected dried marijuana from the third floor and over 400 plants of suspected marijuana from the fifth floor.  Also seized during the investigation were: hydroponic and other lights, exhaust fans, keys, electrical ballasts, a digital scale, and keys to the premises.







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