San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect in Sexual Assault on Juvenile Second Grade Victim (10-064)


Agg Sexual Ass on Minor Suspect

San Francisco Police arrested the suspect in a sexual assault that occurred on Tuesday, June 3, at Sanchez Elementary School. Taken into custody during the evening of June 10, at a homeless shelter at Saint Bruno's Catholic Church, San Bruno, California, was Pedro Hernandez, 68 years old. He is charged with the sexual assault and remains in custody.

The school's surveillance cameras captured and recorded the entire incident in a secluded stairwell.

Also arrested on June 8, 2010, were Marisol Lopez, Lorena Lopez, and Jesus Hernandez for harboring a fugitive and accessory after the fact. This investigation lead the SFPD Fugitive Recovery Team (FRET) to a homeless shelter in San Bruno where Hernandez was taken into custody.

Chief Gascon and the San Francisco Police Department would like to thank all of our law enforcement partners in assisting with this investigation, and for actively searching the entire state and beyond for Hernandez.

Lieutenant Mikail Ali, of the Juvenile Division is willing to speak with the Media at 1:00 PM today, at his office, 3401 17th Street, cross of Valencia Street.