Rainy Season Is Upon Us

Rainy Season Is Upon Us

Public Service Announcement

Headlight Use Required during Inclement Weather

With the rainy season upon us, the San Francisco Police Department would like to remind you that state law requires that you have your headlights on while driving during inclement weather and are using your windshield wipers.

  • During darkness and inclement weather, a motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, shall be equipped with at least two lighted headlamps
  • As used in subdivision (a), "inclement weather" is a weather condition that is either of the following:
    • A condition that prevents a driver of a motor vehicle from clearly discerning a person or another motor vehicle on the highway from a distance of 1,000 feet.
    • A condition requiring the windshield wipers to be in continuous use due to rain, mist, snow, fog, or other precipitation or atmospheric moisture.

This is a relatively new law that many drivers are not familiar with. More importantly, it is a safe driving practice that can make you more visable to other drivers. Also, it is a good idea to replace your wiper blades after the hot dry summer, or anytime they streak so bad they reduce your ability to see clearly out the windshield.