Parental Abduction/ Child in Danger

Parental Abduction Suspect Information 

Case #100 789 259
NameJavier Figueroa-Martinez
Weight160 lbs

 parental abduction figueroa-martinez


On today's date at approxiamtely 1130 hours, suspect took child from day care center. The suspect is the father of the child. He telephoned the mother of child and threatened to kill himself and child. The child, pictured above, is Melany Martinez Rodriguez, 1 year old Hispanic Female. She was last seen wearing a pink shirt and black pants.

Suspect has a pony tail and a tattoo on the left side of neck down his left arm. Suspect was last seen wearing a khaki jacket and blue jeans. Suspect is driving a Burgandy Nissan vehicle, possibly Altima, unknown plate. Vehicle has tinted windows and fancy wheels. SF# 616416

Unknown if the suspect has weapons. The suspect may be on his way to Mexico.

If located during normal business hours, contact Insp. Mix at the D.A.'s office at 415-551-9561. After hours, contact B.R.I.C.C. at 415-553-1071.