November 26, 2003

November 26, 2003


Chief of Police Permit Hearing
Calendar Report

Hearing Calendar
Wednesday, November 26, 2003


                1.                Arellano, Michell

                             2169 Folsom St., Annex 200  "Joy Healing


                             OK Vice


                2.                Dubiel, Zbigniew

                             2310 Powell St. #305  "SF Students Jobs

                             Pedicab Operator

                             OK Permit Section


                3.                Ghanbarian, Ali

                             1475 Polk Street "Crustacean Restaurant"

                             Valet Parking-Fixed Location

                             NR ISCOTT;    OK Co.E, Permits;


                4.                McGhee, Tyrone A.

                             414 Jackson Street "Argentum Antiques"

                             Second Hand Dealer-State-Added Partner

                             NR STATE;   OK Co.A, Fencing

                             9/3/03, 10/01/03, FTA 10/29/03

                             PERMIT # 118975


                5.                Mirra, Angela M.

                             333 O'Farrell Street   "Hilton SF"


                             OK Vice


                6.                Nguyen, Bilen T.

                             943 Geary Street   "Susu Spa"


                             NR Vice


                7.                Nobreiga, Nancy

                             Music Concourse Bandshell "Rhody Co."

                             Itinerant Show-Non Profit

                             NR SFFD;    OK Co.G, DPH;

                             Sunday, November 30, 2003 from 9AM - 3PM


                8.                Nobriga, Nancy

                             Music Concourse Bandshell "RhodyCo"

                             Loudspeaker-Non Profit

                             NR NA;    OK Co.G*;

                             Sunday, 11/30/03 from 8AM-8:30AM/9:15AM-12:15PM


                9.                Prescott, James M.

                             1075 California Street  "Nob Hill Spa"


                             OK Vice


                10.                Zhu, Xiao

                             841 Vallejo Street    "Xiao Zhu"

                             Outcall Massage Service

                             OK CP*, Vice

Meaning of Abbreviations
 BID = Building Inspection Division
  CG = Conditional Grant
Co.A = Central Police Station 
Co.B = Southern Police Station 
Co.C = Bay View Police Station
Co.D = Mission Police Station
Co.E = Northern Police Station
Co.F = Park Police Station
Co.G = Richmond Police Station
Co.H = Ingleside Police Station
Co.I = Taraval Police Station 
  CP = City Planning
 CUP = Conditional Use Permit
  DIS = Disapproved
 DPH = Department Public Health
 EID = Electrical Inspection Division
 FTA = Failure to Appear
  NA = Noise Abatement
  NR = No Report
 PAP = Public Assembly Permit
 PID = Plumbing Inspection Division
  RA = Redevelopment Agency
SFFD = San Francisco Fire Department
 TTF = Tenderloin Task Force Police 
  WN = Work Needed
   * = Condition