November 06, 2002

November 06, 2002

Chief of Police Permit Hearing
Calendar Report
Hearing Calendar
Wednesday, November 06, 2002

  1. Alvarez, Francois J. And Boley-Alvarez, Robin L.
     83 Natoma Street  "Zebulon"
     Place of Entertainment
     OK Co.B*, CP, SFFD, DPH, BID, EID, Iscott,NA*

  2. Blume, Joanna
     Pacific Bell Park
     Loudspeaker Commercial
     NR Co.B;  OK NA
     Fri & Sat, 11/08/02 & 11/09/02from 10AM - 11PM

  3. Champagne, Renie J.
     Goodlett Pl. across frm entrance to C.H.
     Loudspeaker-Non Profit
     NR Co.E, NA
     Sunday, November 10, 2002 from 1:00 PM- 3:00 PM

  4. Chung, George H.
     Cndlestick Park
     Loudspeaker Commercial
     NR Co.C, NA
     Wednesday, November 6, 2002 from 5:15PM - 9:30 PM

  5. Hernandez, Gerardo
     3165 Mission Street.  "Lombard Towing"
     Tow Car Operator-Owner
     DIS CP(Needs CU);  OK Co.H*                       (09-25-2002)
     6/20/01;9/26/01;3rd FTA3/27/02;5/8/02;7/10/02

  6. Hernandez, Gerardo
     545 Eddy Street   "Lombard Towing"
     Tow Car Operator-Owner
     NR CP, Co.J

  7. Holmes, Damon A.
     2495 Jennings Street   "H&HTowing"
     Tow Car Operator
     OK Permit Section

  8. Langley, Paul D.
     1582 Folsom Street  "Harvey’s"
     Place of Entertainment
     NR SFFD, NA;  DIS CP;  OK Co.B*,DPH, BID, EID, Iscott
     6/19/02; 7/31/02

  9. Myers, Sarah C.
     Grove btwn Polk & Larkin Street
     Loudspeaker Commercial
     OK Co.E, NA
     Wednesday, November 13, 2002 from 7:30PM-12:00AM

 10. Perez, Roberto A.
     1900 Evans Avenue    "United Towing"
     Tow Car Operator
     OK Permit Section

 11. Quezada, Giselle M
     666 Folsom Street "CWA Local 9410"
     Loudspeaker-Non Profit
     NR Co.B, NA
     Thursday, November 7, 2002 from 11:30AM - 1:00 PM

 12. Reyes, Gary F.
     2169 Folsom St. #200  "Joy HealingArts"
     OK Vice

 13. Tift, Maysie W.
     2014  20th Avenue   "Sunset Sauna"
     OK Vice

 14. Till, Sandra M.
     2169 Folsom St. #200  "Joy HealingArts"
     OK Vice

 15. Vaughey, Patricia
     On Pierce btwn. Chestnut & Avila
     Loudspeaker-Non Profit
     NR Co.E;  OK NA
     Saturday, November 9, 2002 from 10AM -6PM

  Meaning of Abbreviations

 BID= Building Inspection Division
  CG= Conditional Grant
Co.A =Central Police Station 
Co.B =Southern Police Station 
Co.C =Bay View Police Station
Co.D =Mission Police Station
Co.E =Northern Police Station
Co.F =Park Police Station
Co.G =Richmond Police Station
Co.H =Ingleside Police Station
Co.I =Taraval Police Station 
  CP= City Planning
 CUP= Conditional Use Permit
  DIS= Disapproved
 DPH= Department Public Health
 EID= Electrical Inspection Division
 FTA=Failure to Appear
  NA= Noise Abatement
  NR= No Report
 PAP= Public Assembly Permit
 PID= Plumbing Inspection Division
  RA= Redevelopment Agency
SFFD =San Francisco Fire Department
 TTF= Tenderloin Task Force Police 
  WN=Work Needed
  * = Condition