The New Civil Sidewalk Enforcement


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December 17, 2010  



The New Civil Sidewalk Enforcement








The San Francisco Police Department is in the process of developing the training and the policy for enforcement of the new Civil Sidewalk legislation. 


The Department is planning to focus initially on public education and awareness of the requirements of the Civil Sidewalk ordinance.  To accomplish this, the police department has been developing training for all officers to ensure that they fully understand the ordinance and enforce it fairly.  The Department is committed to dedicating its resources to ensure that officers know the limits and requirements of the law and are able to serve as a resource for the public.


Once the policy is completed and approved, the San Francisco Police Department will train its officers and initiate a campaign to educate the public.  This campaign will run through the month of January.  Officers will not be taking enforcement action until that campaign is completed.     


The enforcement of the Civil Sidewalk ordinance will commence after February 1, 2010.

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