Missing Person: Keisuke Koizumi

Missing Person: Keisuke Koizumi
Missing Adult Possibly at Risk
Date 04/23/08
Case # 080 390 702
Name Keisuke Koizumi
Height 5'9"
Weight 110
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Race Japanese
Sex Male
DOB 22 yrs

Keisuke Koizumi

Missing person is a japanese student attending language school in San Francisco, California. Recently developed information is that Koizumi may have been depressed and had been taking anti-depression medication. Missing left all his beloings at a hotel room which he was sharing iwth another student and has not been hear or seen since.

Missing may have possibly been last seen wearing light colored olive green jacket, white long sleeve T-shirt, grey argyle sweater, blue jeans and white "converse" tennis shoes.

Nortify SFPD Missing Persons Unit at the below numbers.

When found contact:

SFPD Missing Person Unit: 415-558-5508
Operations Center: 415-553-1071