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November 19, 2010  




Misleading Media Report






This morning Brent Begin of the Examiner reported the SFPD was conducting an investigation concerning money laundering and narcotics distribution. The story was published without discussing the issue with the SFPD.


The goal of the Chief is to ensure the SFPD operates with honesty and integrity. In the past some allegations of serious misconduct against SFPD officers have been handled poorly, primarily because the Department did not have a dedicated unit to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct against police officers.


In order to correct this shortcoming an Internal Affairs Criminal - section was created.


On November 17, 2010, during the Police Officer Association Board of Directors meeting, the Chief was asked why the department created this section.


In his discussion, the Chief, using examples of recently investigated cases and other cases, stated that the unit would be investigating cases involving allegations of serious criminal misconduct such as money laundering and narcotics distribution.


State law and sound investigative practices, preclude the Department from discussing internal investigations publicly.

However, the Department is fully committed to transparency and providing the public with as much information as permitted by law.


We regret the concerns this misinformed story by the Examiner has created and want to reassure the men and women of the SFPD, as well as the public, that the SFPD will endeavor to provide the highest level of policing with honesty, integrity and transparency.



The majority of the men and women of the SFPD are hard working, honest police officers. We should not allow the errant behavior of a few and bad journalism by one reporter to cast a shadow over their character and good work.












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