Letter from Training Director

Letter from Training Director




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To All Members of the Law Enforcement Community:

The San Francisco Police Department, through its Law Enforcement Regional Training Facility, is proud to offer a diverse array of P.O.S.T. accredited courses. Our philosophy is to recruit and hire instructors who are not only credible experts in their field, but, most importantly, have the skills to motivate and teach. We attempt to incorporate adult experiential learning in all our programs. The training facility adheres to the guidelines and curriculum for the P.O.S.T. Instructor Certification Program.

We are dedicated to providing practical and contemporary non-agency specific courses, which can benefit law enforcement agencies from anywhere in the state. From the P.O.S.T. Basic Course to Continuing Professional Training and more skill specific courses, we pride ourselves in catering to the needs of the student.

We have developed programs to address those safety and high liability issues common to all law enforcement agencies: Arrest and Control Techniques, Use of Force and Emergency Vehicle Operations. We offer flexible and affordable Continuing Professional Training programs and welcome the participation of any law enforcement agency.

Our comfortable training facilities at Diamond Heights (classrooms and gymnasium), Lake Merced (police range), Hunter's Point Naval Shipyards and The San Francisco Wharf (Emergency Vehicle Operations), allow us to use a scenic and attractive environment to accomplish our learning objectives.

Training is a key component in insuring integrity and quality service from a law enforcement agency. We remain dedicated to the highest standard of training for our own agency and those other agencies we serve.



Captain Teresa Barrett

 Director of Training