Language Translation

Translations of the San Francisco Police Department web site are madethrough an automated/computerized process powered by Google"!Translate, a free translation service, and is not an endorsement asother translation services maybe used to view our site. Computerizedtranslations are only an approximation of the Web site's originalcontent. The translation should not be considered exact and in somecases may include incorrect or offensive language. In addition, someapplications, files or items cannot be translated including graphs,photos or portable document formats (pdfs).

The San Francisco Police Department nor any agency, officer, or employeeof the Department warrants the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness ofany information translated by this system and shall not be liable forany losses caused by such reliance on the accuracy, reliability, ortimeliness of such information. Any person(s) or entity who relies oninformation obtained from the translation service does so at his or herown risk.

The Google translate tool is located on the left side of the pagebelow the left-side navigation links. Scroll to find your preferredlanguage.