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Juvenile and Family: Juvenile/Child Abuse

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Child Abuse Investigations Unit

The Child Abuse Unit investigates cases involving suspected child molestation, physical abuse, child exploitation, child endangerment and severe child neglect. We also investigate cases of sexual assault/rape of a child under 14 yrs of age. The child abuse section works closely with Department of Human Services (DHS), The District Attorney's Office and the medical staff at San Francisco General Hospital. This is a team concept with joint interviews of child abuse victims.

Juvenile and Family Services Division
Child Abuse Unit
3401 17th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM
Office 415 558-5500.
child abuse hotline 415-558-2650

Frequently Asked Questions

How are child abuse cases reported?

In person to the police department via the district stations, by phone call to the social services child abuse hotline 415-558-2650, by letter to the child abuse hotline or to our unit, DHS is located at 170 Otis St. SF CA 94110. The police juvenile division and family services division is located at 3401 17th St. CA 94110

Who must report suspected cases of child abuse.

All mandated reporters as listed in the penal code, ie:any professional who is involved with children or receives information that a child may be abused.

What information is needed in a child abuse report?

The names of children and siblings if known, names of parents if known, location of children and the name of the offender if known, name of mandated reporter or name of non mandated reporter, note: a non mandated reporter can remain anonymous

How will the child be interviewed?

If this involves a sexual incident, a joint interview, with a member of the police, social services, district attorney's office and the hospital staff of san francisco general hospital (SFGH). The interview will be conducted at a special facility located at San Francisco General Hospital. In all cases, only a trained member of this group (with the exception of the DA) will interview the child. The interview room is child friendly. Only the child and the interviewer are in this room. All others view the interview from behind a one way mirror. If a member of the child's family is suspected of child abuse, the police along with social services will conduct a preliminary interview with the child at the child's school, day care. This provides us with the ability to protect the children from the offender and allow more time for a complete investigation.

What are the hours of operation of The Child Abuse Unit?
The office is open Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. For additional information call 415 558-5500.

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