January 5, 2010

                         SAN FRANCISCO POLICE DEPARTMENT                         Chief of Police Permit Hearing                                 Calendar Report                                 HEARING CALENDAR                            Wednesday, January 5, 2011     1.  Amil, Mary         247 Columbus Avenue, S.F.         Fortuneteller         OK Co.A, CP, ECU; Pending PERMIT;     *Per applicant hearing date         changed**         dba "San Francisco Palm Reader"     2.  Lutfiyev, Khabib         575 Mission Street, S.F. "Roy's Rest."         Valet Parking-Fixed Location         NR MTA/DPT;  OK Co.B*;    Pending PERMIT;         12/22/10;         dba "B Parking, LLC." 1818-7th Avenue #4, Oakland     3.  Makaran, Yitzchak         1408 Lombard Street         Second Hand Dealer         NR Co.E, SFFD, PERMIT, BID;    OK CP;         dba "The Gold Drop"                        9/8/10;     4.  Suh Wageman, Donna         3412-22nd Street, S.F.         Second Hand Dealer         NR SFFD, BID, PERMIT;   OK Co.D, CP;         dba "Pot and Pantry"                   12/22/10;                             Meaning of abbreviations   BID = Building Inspection Division     DIS = Disapproved   CG = Conditional Grant                 DPH = Department Public Health   Co.A = Central Police Station          EID = Electrical Inspection Division   Co.B = Southern Police                 FTA = Failure to Appear   Co.C = Bay View Police Station         NA = Noise Abatement   Co.D = Mission Police Station          NR = No Report   Co.E = Northern Police Station         PAP = Public Assembly Permit   Co.F = Park Police Station             PID = Plumbing Inspection Division   Co.G = Richmond Police Station         RA = Redevelopment Agency   Co.H = Ingleside Police Station        SFFD = San Francisco Fire Department   Co.I = Taraval Police Station          TTF = Tenderloin Task Force Police Sta   CP = City Planning                     WN = Work Needed   CUP = Conditional Use Permit           * = Condition