January 22, 2014

1 Bulutoglu, Yasar

              818 Leavenworth Street                                 District:   A                                    ID:                  8130

              Commercial Parking Garage Renewal          Permit #: 500011

              NR  PERMIT;

              OK BID, RISK MANAGEMENT, SFFD, CP, Co. A;

              W/N TAX COLLECTOR;

              dba "Northgate Parking, Inc." Security plan submitted and approved;

            2  Children International,

              2000 East Red Bridge Road, Kansas             District:                                         ID:                  8272

              Charitable Solicitation Non Sales                   Permit #:

              OK PERMIT

              dba "Children International" (Paid by DialogDirect, Inc./Dan Mandell.)

            3  Church of Scientology of SF,

              701 Montgomery Street                                  District:                                         ID:                  8277

              Charitable Solicitation Sale                             Permit #:

              dba "Church of Scientology of San Francisco"

            4  Leutzinger, Thomas

              1522 La Mesa Drive                                       District:   U                                   ID:                  8254

              Street Photographer Owner                           Permit #:

              OK PERMIT;

              dba "Tom Leutzinger Photographer"

            5  Logoleo, Ernest

              260 Sagamore Street                                     District:   I                                     ID:                  8263

              Bingo Games                                                  Permit #: 134616

              NR Co.I;

              OK PERMIT;

              dba "FCCCASSF CHOIR"

            6  Logoleo, Ernest

              260 Sagamore Street                                     District:   I                                     ID:                  8262

              Bingo Games                                                  Permit #: 134615

              NR Co.I;

              OK PERMIT;

              dba "FCCCASSF CHURCH"

              Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 11:00

            7  Louie, Lawrence

              256 Turk Street                                               District:   J                                    ID:                  5479

              Commercial Parking Garage Renewal          Permit #: 600065

              NR PERMIT;


              dba "Turk St. Motors, Inc."

            8  Powers, Ricci

              201 Spear Street, Suie 1100                          District:   U                                   ID:                  8260

              Pedicab Operator                                           Permit #:

              OK PERMIT.

              dba "Cabrio Taxi"

            9  Robinson, Eddie

              70 Cashmere Street #24                                District:   C                                   ID:                  8076

              Junk Dealer without Fixed Location               Permit #: 143757

              OK Co. C, RISK MANAGEMENT;

              DISAPPROVED PERMIT (12/18/13);

              dba "Chevelle & Brothers" Continued from 12/18/13 to 01/22/14. Applicant must provide valid

               CA Driver's License for PERMIT approval.

                                                                   Meaning of Abbreviations

                       BID = Building Inspection Division                        DIS = Disapproved

                       CG = Conditional Grant                                        DPH = Department Public Health

                       Co.A = Central Police Station                               EID = Electrical Inspection Division FTA =

                       Co.B = Southern Police                                        Failure to Appear

                       Co.0 = Bay View Police Station                           NA = Noise Abatement

                       Co.D = Mission Police Station                              NR = No Report

                       Co.E = Northern Police Station                            PAP = Public Assembly Permit

                       Co.F = Park Police Station                                   PID = Plumbing Inspection Division RA =

                       Co.G = Richmond Police Station                         Redevelopment Agency

                       Co.H = Ingleside Police Station                            SFFD = San Francisco Fire Department

                       Co.I = Taraval Police Station                               

                       CP = City Planning                                               TTF = Tenderloin Task Force Police

                       CUP = Conditional Use Permit                             Station WN = Work Needed

                                                                                                     * = Condition