Investigations 1: Hit and Run


The Hit and Run Detail of the SFPD Investigations bureau is responsible for investigating a variety of different incidents.

The Following is a list of incidents that will be assigned:

  • Fatal & serious injury accidents,
  • Hit & run (mainly felony cases),
  • Felony DUI, and
  • Felony Police pursuits.

Some members in addition to the above, also follow-up and investigate the following:

  • Environmental crimes (including hazardous waste),
  • Reconstruction of accidents,
  • Marine unit incidents

The unit also is responsible for the following areas:

Environmental Crime
Hazardous waste incident; investigation and prosecution

Hit and Run Section
850 Bryant St, Rm. 415
San Francisco, CA 94013
Office hours 0600-1800
Monday through Friday

Hit and Run (415) 553-1641
Environmental Crime (415) 553-1194
Arson (415) 920-2944


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are inquiring about a fatal, serious injury accident, DUI with injury, felony pursuits, and arrests call (415) 553-1641 to speak to an Inspector for follow-up.

If you are inquiring about a Property damage only type of incident, refer to the following:

1. Hit and Run – suspect vehicle plate

If you have provided a license plate to the suspect vehicle and the information that was supplied to the Police is accurate; A letter will have the registered owner's information and options on how this case can be resolved.
2. Hit and Run – No suspect vehicle plate

If you have not provided a License plate to the suspect vehicle, this case will be filed and no further action will be taken at this time.

  • Vehicle Tows
    If you are inquiring about your vehicle being towed, contact and/or respond to the hit and run detail.
  • Police Reports
    You or your insurance company can request a copy of your report by writing your name, address, and the case number and send it with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

San Francisco Police Department
Thomas J. Cahill Hall of Justice
Records Room, 475
850 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA. 94103-4603

Please allow at least 10 business days for processing. Note that all request for copies of the police reports will be handled by the record room in the order that they are received.

Note that if the sole purpose for pursuing your complaint of criminal charges against the other party is for recovering monetary damages, the SFPD cannot assist you in this matter.

Civil Charges can be pursued in the following manner&

  • 1. You can turn the vehicle information over to your insurance company, or
  • 2. You can consult with a private Attorney-at-Law, or
  • 3. You can file a claim with the Small Claims Court (limit $5,000.00).

How do I file in Small Claims Court?

In the event you choose to seek civil recourse using the Small Claims Court, the following information may be of assistance:

  • Small Claims Court has a limit of $5,000.
  • Interpreters are available for a fee. Otherwise, bring a friend to help you translate.
  • California residency or U.S. citizenship is not required.
  • You must represent yourself in court. Attorneys are not allowed in court, unless they represent a company.
  • A small Claims Advisor is available to answer your questions and give limited legal advice, at (415) 292-2124, M-F, 8:30 – 11:30 & 1PM – 4PM.

Where to File
Small Claims Division, Civic Center Courthouse
400 McAllister Street, Room 103
San Francisco, CA 94102-4514
Hours M-F, 8AM – 4:30 PM

How to File

1. You must have demanded payment from the party in writing, and have been refused or ignored.

2. You must complete and file the proper forms in Court. Filing forms, or the Small Claims Booklet, may be obtained by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Court,. Extra postage is required. Call for proper postage to apply, based on your order.

3. File your claim forms at the County Court House (address above), M-F, 8AM – 4PM.

4. You will be notified by mail of a court date within 30 to 70 days of filing.

5. You must have the person being sued legally served with your forms.

7. You must submit Proof of Service to the Court before the hearing date.


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