HSU: The Units

The Units:

Homeland Security Unit

  • Develop plans to coordinate efforts with the private sector and to provide training and information to private security workplace in the City.
  • Strengthen liaison with local, state and federal agencies to better coordinate efforts and to share vital, pertinent information with these agencies.
  • Develop ongoing anti-terrorism training materials and disseminate all such pertinent information to patrol officers.
  • Develop ongoing procedures and training for emergency incidents and response.
  • Identify critical infrastructures within San Francisco and enhance security to them.

Tactical Company

The Crime Prevention Company consists of the Bomb Squad, Honda Unit, K-9 Unit, Mounted Patrol, and Tactical Unit.

Crime Prevention Company


Members of the Tactical Company are prepared to respond to critical incidents and high-risk search warrant entries in an attempt to resolve these incidents through the use of specialized training and equipment.

Mission Statement

Tactical Company members are the lead department facilitators for all training related to critical incidents, crowd control and Extended Range Impact Weapons.

  • Respond to calls for assistance from District Stations in the handling and management of crowd control situations.
  • Respond to suspected explosive devices and biological or chemical devices and render them safe.
  • Tactical Company members support other divisions and bureaus of the Department in controlling and reducing crime, which includes a strong focus on the arrest of serious criminal offenders.

Marine Support

Marine Support


Enforcement of state and local boating regulations

  • Harbor and Navigation Codes as they pertain to the Rules of the Road.
  • MPC Section 47 regulating the use of personal watercraft.
  • MPC Section 1600 regulating vessels on the waterfront or criminal activity along the Port.
  • Special speed zones and no motoring zones at McCovey Cove (SBC Park).
  • Rule pertaining to primary responsibility for recreational boating accidents involving property damage over $500.00.

Assistance to boaters in distress

  • Towing of disabled vessel to nearest safe moorage if in imminent danger.

Vessel and marina inspections

  • South Beach Marina.
  • Pier 39.
  • San Francisco Marina.
  • Treasure Island Marina.

Search and Rescue

  • Assist in victim recovery.
  • Assist the United States Coast Guard upon their request for assistance.

Supervision of Organized Boating Events

  • If the event has an impact on recreational boating traffic.

Homeland Defense

  • Provide support to SFPD SWAT teams.
  • Provide underwater capabilities.
  • Provide support to USCG Port Security Operations.