Q: What is the siren that I hear throughout the city every Tuesday?
A: At 12 o'clock every Tuesday afternoon, the City tests the outdoor warning system for San Francisco. If you hear these warning sirens continuously at any other time, tune to AM radio stations KGO 810, KCBS 740 or KNBR 680 for emergency information broadcasts.

Q: Who should I call if I want to report suspected terrorists?
A: Call SF FBI Office at (415) 553-7400

Q: How do I report a bomb threat?
A: Call SFPD at 911 or (415) 553-0123


Contact Phone Numbers:

  • Emergency: 911
  • SF Police Non-Emergency: (415)553-0123
  • SF FBI Office: (415)553-7400
  • Poison Control Center: (415)876-4766
  • Power Outage Information: (415)743-5002
  • Safety Awareness for Everyone (SAFE): (415)553-1984