Homeland Security Unit

For over 160 years, SFPD has provided top level police protection to the people of San Francisco. We recognized that the events of 9-11 forever changed the way we look at security. In line with our continual efforts to better protect the City's population, the Special Operations & Security Division (HSU) was formed. (Formerly, SOSD operated as a SFPD bureau by the same name.) The main purpose of this division is to enhance existing law enforcement efforts, with the goal of achieving normalcy during these times of heighten alert.

The HSU will network extensively with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies as well as other public and private organizations. By doing this, we will strengthen our coordinating, planning and training efforts thereby enhancing our services to the community.

Our Mission

Support and enhance the Department's efforts to protect San Francisco while maintaining readiness to defend the City against any attack, foreign or domestic by:

  • Increasing protection to the City's transportation system and infrastructures.
  • Informing citizens on how to prepare for and deal with disasters.
  • Devising and supporting ongoing efforts against terrorism.

Units within HSU

The Homeland Security Unit (HSU) consists of three units. They are:

  • Anti Terrorism/Planning/Support & Training Unit
  • Tactical Company
  • Marine Unit

For more information on each of the units, click on the titles of overview at the top of the page.