February 10, 2010

Chief of Police Permit Hearing
Calendar Report

Hearing Calendar
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

                1.        Bilafer, Richard

                             1080 Brannan Street

                             Tow Car Firm

                             NR Traffic;     OK Risk Mgt, Permit;

                             Renewing for 2010

                             PERMIT # 120066


                2.        Castillo, Erik I.

                             1835 Folsom Street

                             Tow Car Operator

                             Pending Permit: (need letter of progress)

                             Applicant on probation til 6/11/10;hearing1/20/10


                3.        Judd, Kevin

                             750 Bush Street

                             Driverless Auto Rental

                             NR Co.A, CP, SFFD;    OK PERMIT;


                4.        Judd, Kevin

                             320 O'Farrell Street

                             Driverless Auto Rental

                             NR CP;  OK Co.J*, SFFD; Permit;


                5.        Judd, Kevin

                             687 Folsom Street

                             Driverless Auto Rental

                             NR SFFD;   OK Co.B, CP, PERMIT;


                6.        Judd, Kevin

                             150 Valencia Street

                             Driverless Auto Rental

                             NR SFFD;   OK Co.B, CP, PERMIT;


                7.        Kapoor, Rana

                             35 Stonepine Rd.

                             Mobile Caterer-Transfer of Route

                             NR DPH, SFFD; OK Co.A, PERMIT;  *Co.B, doesn'toperate in Southern Dist.

                             Transfer fr T.Tomita to Kapoor; CG 2/3/10;


                8.        Koehler, Peter

                             220 Rankin Street

                             Tow Car Firm

                             NR Traffic; OK Risk Management;   PendingPermit;

                             Renewing for 2010

                             PERMIT # 121033


                9.        Mimoun, Michael R.

                             2125 Hearst Avenue #1

                             Pedicab Operator

                             NR Permit


                10.     Nasey, Larry

                             1213 Fell Street

                             Tow Car Firm

                             OK Risk Management, Permit;

                             Renewing for 2010

                             PERMIT # 118977


                11.     Saggers, Keith R.

                             2310 Powell Street #305

                             Pedicab Owner-Amendment

                             OK Co.A, B, PERMIT, Risk Mgt;   1/9/08,2/6,3/12,3/19,1/20,1/27; CG 2/3/10;

                             +12=24 Pedicabs to existingpermit;11/07/07,03/05

                             PERMIT # 079482



Meaning of Abbreviations

BID = Building Inspection Division
CG = Conditional Grant
Co.A = Central Police Station
Co.B = Southern Police Station
Co.C = Bay View Police Station
Co.D = Mission Police Station
Co.E = Northern Police Station
Co.F = Park Police Station
Co.G = Richmond Police Station
Co.H = Ingleside Police Station
Co.I = Taraval Police Station
CP = City Planning
CUP = Conditional Use Permit

DIS = Disapproved
DPH = Department Public Health
EID = Electrical Inspection Division
FTA = Failure to Appear
NA = Noise Abatement
NR = No Report
PAP = Public Assembly Permit
PID = Plumbing Inspection Division
RA = Redevelopment Agency
SFFD = San Francisco Fire Department
TTF = Tenderloin Task Force Police Station
WN = Work Needed
* = Condition