DNA Results Match Suspect to a San Francisco Homicide



                                               Homicide victim Charles McAleer-Bonilla                                                


San Francisco Police have received requested DNA results in an ongoing homicide investigation. 


Charles McAleer-Bonilla was murdered on Thursday, April 8, 2010 on the 300 block of 28 th Street , at 8:50 pm. San Francisco Police Homicide Inspectors were notified on Tuesday, June 29, 2010, that DNA evidence samples taken at the McAleer-Bonilla homicide scene on Church Street at 28 th Street, have been matched to Anthony Alvarez.


Alvarez was a suspect in a Bay Area bank robbery and attempted murder of a Concord police officer. He barricaded himself in an apartment in Sacramento and took his cousin’s young son hostage. Alvarez was shot and killed by Sacramento Sheriffs Department members after a three day standoff with police earlier this month.


SFPD will be taking additional investigative steps, before they will be able to close the McAleer-Bonilla homicide case.