Department Bulletins 2018

Department Bulletins are issued by the Chief of Police and are distributed Department wide. Department Bulletins may contain directives, general information, training information, special orders, event orders or deployments. Department Bulletins shall be consistent with Department General Orders. However, when a Department General Order no longer complies with the law or contains inaccurate or out-of-date information, the Department may issue a Department Bulletin that supplements or amends the Department General Order. Whenever a Department Bulletin supplements or amends a substantive provision of a Department General Order, within two weeks of its issuance, the Department Bulletin and the Department General Order shall be calendared before the Police Commission for discussion and approval.

Prior to its issuance, the Legal Division shall review the proposed Department Bulletin and determine whether it supplements or amends in a substantive manner a Department General Order. Department Bulletins announcing non-substantive amendments or supplements to a Department General Order such as administrative information about a name, address or telephone number do not need to be calendared before the Police Commission for discussion and approval.

There are three categories of Department Bulletins:

  • Class "A" Directives, Supplements to General Orders or Department Manuals, and Legal Updates. Class "A" Bulletins must be approved by each Assistant Chief, each Deputy Chief and Department legal staff prior to publication.
  • Class "B" Training Information, Special Orders, Event Orders, and Deployments. Class "B" Bulletins must be approved by the Assistant Chief(s) and Deputy Chief(s) whose operations are affected by the bulletin.
  • Class "C": General (non-technical, non-legal) Information, Special Messages from the Chief of Police and Non-Operational Information. Class "C" Bulletins must be approved by the senior ranking member regularly in charge of the unit to which the author is assigned and the senior ranking member regularly in charge of the Legal Division.

For more information see Department General Orders 3.01


Department Bulletins 2018

PDF iconA 18-001 Use of Discretionary Time Off 2018

PDF iconA 18-002 Indicating Use of Force in an Incident Report

PDF iconA 18-004 Chief's Order for Disciplinary Suspension

PDF iconB 18-005 Parking City-Owned Vehicles and Procedures to Request Dismissal of Parking Citations

PDF iconA 18-008 Policies Regarding the Loss or Theft of a Department-Issued Mobile Device andor Token

PDF iconB 18-013 Annual TB Screening (Supersedes DB 17-014)

PDF iconB 18-014 Metal Theft Investigations

PDF iconB 18-015 Crime Scene Management - Red Crime Scene Tape

PDF iconB 18-017 Elder Abuse (EA) and Child Abuse (CA) Radio Suffix Codes

PDF iconA 18-019 Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Ford Explorers

PDF iconA 18-022 FasTrak, Toll Evasion Violations and Proper Member Conduct

PDF iconA 18-023 Surreptitious Recording

PDF iconC 18-026 Field Operations Bureau - Community Engagement Division (Supersedes DB 17-135)

PDF iconB 18-027 Burglary Investigation Protocols

PDF iconA 18-028 Implementation of the eCitation App

PDF iconA 18-031 SFPD Update to the S.F. Community Justice Center (CJC)

PDF iconA 18-032 Nonbinary is Legally Recognized as a 3rd Gender Category -New Booking Card Introduced

PDF iconA 18-034 Obtaining Emergency Protective Orders (EPO's), Search Warrants, DUI Blood Draw Search Warrants, Emergency Arrest Warrants and Emergency Bail Modifications

PDF iconA 18-035 Court Appearances and Court Compensation Pay (Amends DGO 3.08. Re-Issue 13-210, DB 16-053, and DB 16-131)

PDF iconA 18-037 Arrests / Citations for Traffic Collisions

PDF iconB 18-038 Correctable Violations and Proper Completion of Traffic Citations

PDF iconA 18-039 New State Law regarding Revised Definition of Assault Weapons and Registration Requirement of such Weapons

PDF iconA 18-040 Release of Information to the News Media and/or Public Regarding Homicide Detail Investigations

PDF iconA 18-044 Automated External Defribrillator (AED) Deployment to Police Vehicles

PDF iconC 18-046 Daylight Saving Time Starts - Spring 2018

PDF iconB 18-048 Out-of-Service Vehicles

PDF iconA 18-053 Arrests on San Francisco Unified School District Sites

PDF iconA 18-055 The TRUTH Act and Associated Notification Forms

PDF iconA 18-057 San Francisco Ethics Commission - SFPD "Statement of Incompatible Activities"

PDF iconA 18-061 Prohibited Items at Airport Security Checkpoints

PDF iconA 18-063 SFPD Implementation of Assembly Bill 953, "The Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015"

PDF iconB 18-069 Obtaining Value of Stolen and Recovered Property

PDF iconA 18-071 Management of Department Social Media Accounts

PDF iconA 18-073 Staffing and Deployment Unit

PDF iconA 18-078 Uniform and Professional Attire

PDF iconA 18-081 Staff Inspection Unit

PDF iconA 18-082 Assembly Bill No. 1312: Sexual Assault Victims Rights

PDF iconA 18-084 Preventing Workplace Harassment Training

PDF iconA 18-085 Mandatory Testing of a Member Involved in a Traffic Collision and the Drug Testing Process

PDF iconA 18-086 Protocol for Requesting a Certified Bilingual Officer

PDF iconA 18-088 Legal Enforcement Options for Addressing Illegal Encampments

PDF iconA 18-089 Protocol for Processing Homeless Property consistent with DPW's "Bag & Tag" Policy

PDF iconC 18-091 Lowering of Flags: National Peace Officers Memorial Day

PDF iconB 18-092 Emailing San Francisco Police Department Daily Arrest Information - Revised SFPD Form 307 (Supersedes DB 17-047)

PDF iconB 18-095 Attendance to the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives 23rd Annual Conference

PDF iconB 18-098 Standardized Population Figure

PDF iconA 18-099 The San Francisco Police Department Strategic Plan 1.0 Rollout and First Steps (Strategic Plan Roll Out Video)

PDF iconA 18-100 Disposal of Confidential Information

PDF iconA 18-105 Stop Data Collection System (SDCS) Implementation (Rescinds DB 16-208 & 17-213)

PDF iconA 18-107 Member-Initiated Driver Incapacity Proceedings

PDF iconA 18-111 Mandatory CSI Response to Officer-Involved Discharges (Re-issue DB 16-100)

PDF iconA 18-114 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy (Re-issue DB 16-118)

PDF iconA 18-116 Department Issued Business Cards & Reportee Follow-Up Form.pdfPDF icon A 18-116 Department Issued Business Cards & Reportee Follow-Up Form

PDF iconB 18-123 Reports Regarding Vicious and Dangerous Dogs (supersedes DB 17-169)

PDF iconB 18-127 The International Association of Chiefs of Police Women's Leadership Institute

PDF iconA 18-128 California Relay Services Phone Number (Supersedes DB 16-098)

PDF iconA 18-131 Entering Residences Houses, Apartments, Hotels, including SRO Hotels (Re-issue DB 16-056)

PDF iconA 18-135 Pink Patch Project to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

PDF iconA 18-137 Legal Enforcement Options for Addressing Illegal Encampments (Supersedes DB 18-088)

PDF iconB 18-141 Protecting Yourself from Unnecessary Exposure During Wildland Fires Associated with Mutual Aid Responses.pdf

PDF iconA 18-143 Traffic CollisionsIncidents Involving Bicycles (Re-issue DB 16-141)

PDF iconA 18-148 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Complaint Procedure (Re-issue DB 16-104)

PDF iconC 18-150 Secondary Incident Code for Incident on School Grounds (Re-issue DB 16-147).pdf

PDF iconA 18-151 Ride-Along Policy and Procedures (Re-issue DB 16-137)

PDF iconA 18-152 Graffiti Arrest Investigations (Re-issue DB 16-140)

PDF iconA 18-154 Report Writing Responsibilities Supervisors, Officer & Police Service Aides (Re-issue DB 16-125)

PDF iconA 18-157 Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) (Re-issue DB 16-134)

PDF iconA 18-161 False Allegations of Misconduct against Peace Officers Penal Code Section 148.6 (Re-issue DB 10-134)

PDF iconB 18-160 Discussions with Attorneys and Investigators (Re-issue DB 16-139).pdf

PDF iconA 18-162 Accurint LE Accessing Data for Permissible Purposes (Re-issue DB 16-136).pdf

PDF icon B 18-164 Special Victims Unit (SVU) Shadowing Program (Supersedes DB 17-125).pdf

PDF iconC 18-163 Rumors and Bullying in the Workplace (Re-issue DB 14-234).pdf

PDF iconA 18-166 Fire and Arson Investigations (Re-issue DB 16-049).pdf

PDF iconC 18-168 Chief's Message 17th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001, Attacks.pdf

PDF iconA 18-171 Updated Supervisory Use of Force Evaluation Form (Supersedes DB 17-006, Amends DGO 5.01).pdf

PDF iconC 18-172 Recycling and Disposal for SF City Departments (Re-issue DB 08-188).pdf

PDF iconC 18-175 Seasonal Influenza Vaccination (Supersedes DB 17-195).pdf

PDF icon B 18-183 Property Control Section Right of Refusal Policy (Re-issue DB 16-154).pdf

PDF icon B 18-184 Reporting Property Damage Caused by Members (Re-issue DB 16-156).pdf

PDF iconA 18-185 Providing Language Access Services for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Individuals (Re-issue DB 16-107).pdf

PDF iconA 18-186 Clarification Regarding Reporting Requirements Under DGO 5.04 Arrests by Private Persons (Re-issue DB 16-117).pdf

PDF iconA 18-187 Opiate Overdose Prevention and Treatment - Naloxone Hydrochloride (Supersedes DB 17-096).pdf

PDF iconA 18-188 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Deployment to Police Vehicles (Supersedes DB 18-044).pdf

PDF icon B 18-189 Color Coded 25 MPC Placards (Re-issue DB 16-161).pdf

PDF iconA 18-191 Uniform Inspections and Associated Form (SFPD 587).pdf

PDF iconC 18-192 Homeward Bound Program (Re-issue DB 16-155).pdf

PDF iconA 18-195 Department General Order 5.22 Interacting with Transgender, Gender-Variant, and Nonbinary Individuals Update Packet #58.pdf

PDF iconA 18-196 Pursuit Driving Policy Training Vehicle Code Section 17004.7(b)(1) CVC.pdf

PDF iconB 18-200 Crime Scene Management (Re-issue DB 15-012).pdf

PDF iconA 18-204 Radio Code 423 - Community Engagement (Re-issue DB 16-142).pdf

PDF iconC 18-205 Promotional Announcement.pdf

PDF iconC 18-209 Interfaith Winter Shelter Program 2018-2019 (Re-issue DB 16-212).pdf

PDF iconB 18-214 Proper Identification Required When Signing Out Property (Re-issue DB 16-189).pdf

PDF iconB 18-219 Requirement to Use Updated Notice to Appear Citations (TF 130)

PDF iconB 18-220 Revised Like Work Like Pay Policy (Supersedes DB 17-162)

PDF iconC 18-224 Promotional Announcement.pdf

PDF iconC 18-227 Promotional Announcement.pdf

PDF iconA 18-228 Orginization of SFPD Command Staff.pdf

PDF iconA 18-229 Investigations Bureau.pdf

PDF iconA 18-230 Strategic Management Bureau.pdf

PDF iconA 18-231 Unit Changes.pdf