Department Bulletins 2017

Department Bulletins are issued by the Chief of Police and are distributed Department wide. Department Bulletins may contain directives, general information, training information, special orders, event orders or deployments. Department Bulletins shall be consistent with Department General Orders. However, when a Department General Order no longer complies with the law or contains inaccurate or out-of-date information, the Department may issue a Department Bulletin that supplements or amends the Department General Order. Whenever a Department Bulletin supplements or amends a substantive provision of a Department General Order, within two weeks of its issuance, the Department Bulletin and the Department General Order shall be calendared before the Police Commission for discussion and approval.

Prior to its issuance, the Legal Division shall review the proposed Department Bulletin and determine whether it supplements or amends in a substantive manner a Department General Order. Department Bulletins announcing non-substantive amendments or supplements to a Department General Order such as administrative information about a name, address or telephone number do not need to be calendared before the Police Commission for discussion and approval.

There are three categories of Department Bulletins:

  • Class "A" Directives, Supplements to General Orders or Department Manuals, and Legal Updates. Class "A" Bulletins must be approved by each Assistant Chief, each Deputy Chief and Department legal staff prior to publication.
  • Class "B" Training Information, Special Orders, Event Orders, and Deployments. Class "B" Bulletins must be approved by the Assistant Chief(s) and Deputy Chief(s) whose operations are affected by the bulletin.
  • Class "C": General (non-technical, non-legal) Information, Special Messages from the Chief of Police and Non-Operational Information. Class "C" Bulletins must be approved by the senior ranking member regularly in charge of the unit to which the author is assigned and the senior ranking member regularly in charge of the Legal Division.

For more information see Department General Orders 3.01


Department Bulletins 2017

PDF iconA 17-004 Autism Awareness

PDF iconA 17-006 Supervisory Use of Force Evaluation Form (Supersedes DB 15-237, Amends DGO 5.01)

PDF iconA 17-007 Hypodermic Syringe Access and Disposal Programs

PDF iconA 17-010 DGO 5.21 "The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Response to Person in Crisis Calls for Service Update Packet #55

PDF iconA 17-011 Pop-up Network Acceptable Use Statement on Workstations (Amends portions of DGO 10.08)

PDF iconA 17-012 Obtaining A Public Safety Statement

PDF iconA 17-013 Rights and Responsibilities under California Whistleblower Laws

PDF iconA 17-014 Annual TB Screening (Supersedes DB 15-173)

PDF iconA 17-015 Enforcement of Immigration Laws (Supersedes DB 16-015)

PDF iconA 17-016 Prohibition on the Enforcement of Administrative Immigration Warrants (Supersedes DB 16-048)

PDF iconA 17-017 Promotional Announcement

PDF iconA 17-018 Organizational Structure

PDF iconA 17-021 Aggressive Solicitation 120-2(d) 1-4 MPC

PDF iconA 17-023 Hotel Consent Required to Review Hotel Registries

PDF iconA 17-024 Language Service Information Card

PDF iconA 17-025 Autonomous Vehicles

PDF iconC 17-026 Medal of Valor Awards Ceremony

PDF iconA 17-032 SFPD Members' Expectation of Privacy Use of Computers, Peripheral Equipment and Facilities

PDF iconA 17-033 Staph Infection Awareness

PDF iconA 17-034 Civil Summons and Complaint

PDF iconA 17-036 San Francisco Ethics Commission SFPD "Statement of Incompatible Activities"

PDF iconA 17-037 Section 121 OF THE San Francisco Municipal Police Code Loitering Outside Nightclubs

PDF iconA 17-038 Supplementary Traffic Collision Reports

PDF iconA 17-039 New Family & Children Services Referral Card (SFPD 570)

PDF iconA 17-042 Arrests of Department Members: Notification Responsibility

PDF iconA 17-043 Mandatory Training for All SFPD CLETS Users

PDF iconB 17-044 Member Inquiries to the Background Investigations Unit

PDF icon A 17-045 Monitoring Overtime

PDF icon 17-048 Reports regarding Vicious and Dangerous Dogs (Supersedes DB 17-008)

PDF iconA 17-051 Civil Gang Injunction Arrests

PDF iconA 17-052 Issuance of Property Receipt for Items Seized Under Warrant

PDF iconA 17-053 Reporting Requirements for Cal/OSHA

PDF iconA 17-056 Limited English (LEP) Persons Data Tracking (Supersedes DB 16-029)

PDF iconC 17-057 Promotional Announcement

PDF iconB 17-059 Telephone Courtesy

PDF iconA 17-061 Request for Sign Language Interpreters (Supersedes DB 16-101)

PDF iconA 17-067 Requirements Regarding Arrestees' Rights to Phone Calls

PDF iconA 17-068 Booking Prisoner Property

PDF iconB 17-069 Verifying Identities When Booking or Citing Subjects

PDF iconA 17-070 Public On-Line Reporting

PDF iconA 17-071 Requests for Service

PDF iconA 17-072 Responsibility for Civilians to Adhere to General Orders

PDF iconA 17-074 Off-Duty Concealed Carry PROHIBITED at AT&T Park

PDF iconA 17-078 Fraternization Policy

PDF iconA 17-079 Transporting Persons Who Use Moblity Devices

PDF iconA 17-080 Mandatory Sign-off of Department Issued Documents in HRMS

PDF iconA 17-082 Training Video regarding Cross Reports between the SFPD and Family and Children Services

PDF iconA 17-083 Consent Searches of Private Residences

PDF iconA 17-086 Missing Persons Assignment Criteria (Supersedes DB 17-063)

PDF iconA 17-088 New JUSTIFICATION Enhancement on the RAPS Masks

PDF iconB 17-089 Vehicle Investigative Hold & Release Policy