Department Bulletins

Department Bulletins are issued by the Chief of Police and are distributed Department wide. Department Bulletins may contain directives, general information, training information, special orders, event orders or deployments. Department Bulletins shall be consistent with Department General Orders. However, when a Department General Order no longer complies with the law or contains inaccurate or out-of-date information, the Department may issue a Department Bulletin that supplements or amends the Department General Order. Whenever a Department Bulletin supplements or amends a substantive provision of a Department General Order, within two weeks of its issuance, the Department Bulletin and the Department General Order shall be calendared before the Police Commission for discussion and approval.

Prior to its issuance, the Legal Division shall review the proposed Department Bulletin and determine whether it supplements or amends in a substantive manner a Department General Order. Department

Bulletins announcing non-substantive amendments or supplements to a Department General Order such as administrative information about a name, address or telephone number do not need to be calendared before the Police Commission for discussion and approval.

For more information see Department General Orders 3.01


Department Bulletins 2016

PDF iconA 16-088 Department Issued Business Cards & Reportee Follow-Up Form (SFPD 105) (Supersedes DB 15-233)

PDF iconA 16-089 Department Email Policy & Procedures (Supersedes DB 14-189)

PDF iconA 16-090 Department General Order 10.11 "Body Worn Camera Policy" (Update Packet #52)

PDF iconA 16-091 Protocol for Processing Homeless Property "Bag & Tag"

PDF iconA 16-098 Telephone Typewriter (TTY) Phone Numbers and Locations

PDF iconA 16-100 Mandatory CSI Response to Officer-Involved Discharges

PDF iconA 16-101 Request for Sign Language Interpreters (Supersedes DB 14-255)

PDF iconA 16-107 Providing Language Access Services for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Individuals (Re-issue DB 14-126 & 15-046)

PDF iconA 16-111 Body Worn Camera

PDF iconA 16-112 Principles to Consider Regarding the Use and Application of Force

PDF iconA 16-115 Vehicle Tow Policy & Procedure 14601/12500 CVC (Amends DGO 9.06) (Supersedes STOP Manual-Section 8: Dept. Policy on Towing)

PDF iconA 16-117 Clarification Regarding Reporting Requirements Under DGO 5.04 "Arrests by Private Persons"

PDF iconA 16-118 Harassment-Free Workplace Policy

PDF iconA 16-125 Report Writing Responsibilities-Supervisors, Officers & Police Service Aides

PDF iconC 16-129 Restructure of Command-Crisis Intervention Team Program

PDF iconA 16-134 Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

PDF iconA 16-137 Ride-Along Policy and Procedures

PDF iconA 16-140 Graffiti Arrest Investigations

PDF iconA 16-141 Traffic Collisions/Incidents Involving Bicycles

PDF iconA 16-142 Radio Code 423 - Citizen/Community Engagement

PDF iconA 16-144 Vehicle Collsions

PDF iconA 16-153 Pursuit Driving Policy Training; Vehicle Code Section 17004.7(b)(1) (Supercedes Department Bulletin 15-097) (DB Expires 10/04/16)

PDF iconC 16-155 Homeward Bound Program

PDF iconA 16-166 U.S. Department of Justice Collaborative Review Initiative Report (Superseded)

PDF iconA 16-168 Traffic Stop Data Collection Program Information (Superseded)

PDF iconB 16-171 Stalking Investigations

PDF iconA 16-179 Department General Order 2.09 "Personal Use of Social Media"

PDF iconA 16-185 Securing Equipment in Police Vehicles

PDF iconA 16-186 Contact with Victims/Witnesses during on-going OCC Investigations

PDF iconA 16-188 Update on Traffic Warrant Clear-up

PDF iconB 16-191 Report Requirements for 11353.6 H&S

PDF iconA 16-199 First Amendment Activities: Pre-Event Planning