December 1, 2010


                         Chief of Police Permit Hearing
                                 Calendar Report

                                 HEARING CALENDAR

                           Wednesday, December 1, 2010

     1.  Brickey, James
         624 Post Street, S.F. "Andrews Hotel"
         Valet Parking-Fixed Location
         NR Co.E;   OK MTA/DPT, Permit;
         dba "Execupark, Inc."

     2.  Brickey, James
         127 Ellis Street, S.F. "Hotel Abri"
         Valet Parking-Fixed Location
         NR Co.J, MTA/DPT;    Pending PERMIT;
         dba "Execupark, Inc."

     3.  Flores, Racheal
         434 O'Farrell Street, S.F.
         OK Co.J*, CP, ECONOMIC CRIME UNIT, Permit;
         dba "Psychic Readings & Gifts"             10/6/10

     4.  Hernandez, Bismark
         600 South Van Ness Avenue
         Tow Car Firm
         NR TRAFFIC; OK CP, SFFD; DIS Permit   Moved Locations7/14/10 8/11,9/8
         dba"Sideline Towing  "4/14/10,4/21/10 5/19,6/23/10
         PERMIT # 127310

     5.  Hernandez, Bismar
         600 South Van Ness Avenue
         Tow Car Operator
         Revocation hearing
         dba "Side Line Towing"           9/8/10,10/6,11/17

     6.  Mozaffarian, Shapur
         272 Post St, S.F."Shapur Mozaffarian"
         Second Hand Dealer
         NR BID;    OK Co.A, Co.E, SFFD, CP, Permit;
         Business moved from 245 Post to 272 Post Street

     7.  Orellana, William
         2233 Ingalls Street
         Tow Car Firm
         OK Co.C*, Traffic*; Pending Permit/Risk Mgt; DIS CP*; 3/10/10,3/24
         dba "Alex's Towing"  Add 3 trucks for a total of 4

     8.  Orellana, William
         2233 Ingalls Street
         Tow Car Operator
         Pending Permit;                              3/10/10,3/24,4/28,7/7
         dba "Alex's Towing"

     9.  Ortiz, Jose
         1240 Underwood Avenue
         Tow Car Firm
         Denied CP, Traffic;    OK Co.C  NR SFFD        5/19/10, 6/16/10,
         dba "William Towing"    8/25/10, 9/8/10, 10/6/10

     10. Ortiz, Jose
         1240 Underwood Avenue
         Tow Car Operator
         OK Permit;    *Approval upon Firm application's status*
         dba "William's Towing"     5/19/10,6/16,6/23,7/14;

     11. Saggers, Keith
         2310 Powell Street #305, S.F.
         Pedicab Owner-Amendment
         NR Co.A, Co.B, Co.E, Co.J, SFMTA;    Pending Permit;
         dba "S.F. Student Jobs Coalition" Adding Route
         PERMIT # 136266

     12. Southall, Julianna
         550-15th Street, S.F.
         Antique Shop
         NR SFFD, PERMIT, BID;    OK Co.D, CP;
         dba "Southall Antiques"

     13. Wells, Mitchell
         868 Brannan Street, #310  S.F.
         NR CP, SFFD, PERMIT;     OK Co.B*;
         dba "Diamond Source"

     14. Wells, Mitchell
         868 Brannan Street, #310, S.F.
         NR State
         dba "Diamond Source"

     15. Yonko, Tiffany
         5332 Geary Blvd.
         Pending  ECONOMIC CRIME due to arrest in Alameda, Permit;    OK Co.G*,
         dba "Psychic Advisor on Geary Blvd"4/7/10,7/14,9/8

     16. Zira, Tahir
         398 Hayes St.,S.F. "Absinthe Bar"
         Valet Parking-Fixed Location
         NR Co.E, MTA/DPT;     Pending Permit;
         dba "American West Parking Services, Inc."

                             Meaning of abbreviations

   BID = Building Inspection Division     DIS = Disapproved
   CG = Conditional Grant                 DPH = Department Public Health
   Co.A = Central Police Station          EID = Electrical Inspection Division
   Co.B = Southern Police                 FTA = Failure to Appear
   Co.C = Bay View Police Station         NA = Noise Abatement
   Co.D = Mission Police Station          NR = No Report
   Co.E = Northern Police Station         PAP = Public Assembly Permit
   Co.F = Park Police Station             PID = Plumbing Inspection Division
   Co.G = Richmond Police Station         RA = Redevelopment Agency
   Co.H = Ingleside Police Station        SFFD = San Francisco Fire Department
   Co.I = Taraval Police Station          TTF = Tenderloin Task Force Police Sta
   CP = City Planning                     WN = Work Needed
   CUP = Conditional Use Permit           * = Condition