Crime Bulletin: Vitaliy Nikolayevich Spichak

Crime Bulletin: Vitaliy Nikolayevich Spichak
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Vitaliy Nikolayevich Spichak

Suspect: Vitaliy Nikolayevich Spichak, White Male, 6'00", 150 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes. Suspect has been seen near the 600 block of Haight Street, and also in the Richmond District of San Francisco. Suspect works sometimes as a laborer in construction. Suspect is a Russian National and is considered armed, dangerous, and a flight risk.

On 02/10/06, at 1956 hours, the above suspect stabbed victim numerous times in front of 1335 Washington Street, San Francisco. Victim survived but is still undergoing surgical procedures. Victim and suspect know each other and were at a mutual friend's house shortly before the incident.

SFPD General Works Detail: 415-553-9183
SFPD Operations Center: (after hours) 415-553-1071
SFPD Anonymous Tip Line: 415-575-4444
SFPD CASE # 070 311 543