Crime Bulletin: Parrish Broughton

Crime Bulletin: Parrish Broughton
 SFPD 10 Most Wanted
 Name: Parrish Broughton
 Birthdate: 02/10/70
 Race: Black
 Sex: Male
 Height: 5'9"
 Weight: 160
 Hair: Black
 Eyes: Brown
Moustache and
 Wanted for: Kidnapping for Ransom or Extortion(209(a) PC)
Robbery (212.5(c) PC)
Assault with a deadly weapon (245(a)(1) PC)
Threats (422 PC)
Carjacking (215 PC)

Additional Information:

$1,000,000 Warrant for kidnaping for ransom and Robbery. 

If Found, contact:
San Francisco Police Dept. Robbery Detail 415-553-1201
SFPD Operations Center: 415-553-1701