Crime Bulletin: Angel Carrion

Crime Bulletin: Angel Carrion
Escaped Juvenile

Angel Carrion
Angel Carrion
Hispanic Male, 16 years old

On today's date, the San Francisco Police Department was informed that a juvenile escaped from a secured detention facility in San Francisco. The escapee is Angel Carrion, 16. Carrion is 5'6", 150 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. He has a goatee and mustache. He may be wearing a dark blue tee shirt, tan pants and white socks.

The Police Department is releasing this information under the Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 828 (b), in order to "assist in recapturing the minor" and "to protect the public from physical harm."

Anyone seeing Carrion is asked to notify the San Francisco Police immediately by calling 911.

Emergency 911
SFPD Operations Center: (after hours) 415-553-1071
SFPD Anonymous Tip Line: 415-575-4444
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