Crime Bulletin: 09-016

Crime Bulletin: 09-016

Robbery/Aggravated Assault
09-016 02/06/09

Suspect #1 Suspect #2

On 1/20/09, a couple attended the Willie Nelson concert atthe Fillmore Theatre. There was an argument between the couple and another couple resulting later, in an aggravated assault of both victims. The female victim was thrown to the floor and the male victim was punched in the face causing him to fall down an interior stairway, resulting in a major head injury.

SUSPECT #1: WF, 29-30 years, 5'5 , 110 lbs., brown hair in short pony

tail, tiny little nose, brown t-shirt, blue jeans, possibly has


SUSPECT #2: WM, mid to late 20's, 6', 185 lbs., short brown hair, dark

eyes, gray & black colored top, possibly wearing blue jeans.

Inspector J. Miller
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