Crime Bulletin: 08-131

Crime Bulletin: 08-131

Aggravated Assault with Weapon
08-131 07/24/08


Suspect: White or Hispanic male, 165-185 lbs, shaven head with 1/2 growth blond /dirty hair, thin build, large mouth with "angry expression". Last seen wearing a light silver colored jacket and cargo pants. Weapon used was a silver metallic "Shoei" motorcycle helmet with full face guard and visor. Riding a dark yellow or beige "Sportser/chopper" Harley Davidson motorcycle.

On 06/07/08, the vicitm got into her parked vehicle aafter she made a purchase on the 300 block of Jefferson Street. The victim started to drive away when the suspect ran after her vehicle and struck it twice with a motorcycle helmet. The victim stopped her vehicle to investigate. the susepct then attacked her with the motorcycle helmet. Several witnesses intervened as the suspect fled the scene on his motorcycle.

Inspector Ray Luk
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